“Descendants for advanced students”

“Descendants for advanced students”

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In the current cinematic artistic season, you can watch the film “Descendants for Advanced Students.” © filmstarts.de

Einbeck – As part of the current film art season, the film “Descendants for Advanced Students” (FSK 6) can be seen at Welttheater Einbeck on Monday, December 11 at 8 p.m. About the content: Karen (Maren Croyman) has been in New Zealand for a year to work as a grandmother. Now she’s back in Germany full of energy with her husband Harald (Günther Maria Halmer) and can’t believe her eyes: could it be that the widow Sigrid (Imogen Caughey) has taken her place during her absence? Without further ado, she decides to take over the management of the school shop “Schlüsselkinder” with her friends Philippa (Barbara Sokwa) and Gerhard (Heiner Lauterbach) – perhaps this will give her new ideas after her husband’s infidelity. But it’s easier said than done. Because the pretty little ones keep the three on their toes. But one thing is certain: Karin, Philippa and Gerhard will not let themselves down so easily – and so they gradually manage to meet not only the store’s challenges, but also their own.

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