Deluxe rugby set by Louis Vuitton designer and athlete Dan Carter

Deluxe rugby set by Louis Vuitton designer and athlete Dan Carter

For the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Louis Vuitton has approached former rugby player Dan Carter to create a Malle Vestiaire around the sport. A unique piece featuring player trophies, jerseys, pairs of ribbons or even a ball co-created by the two entities.

What better way to transport your personal belongings than a custom Louis Vuitton trunk? Such is the privilege that Dan Carter, a former New Zealand rugby player, has collaborated with the artisans of the French Maison’s workshops to design this exclusive piece.

Souvenir box from Louis Vuitton

In 2021, Louis Vuitton unveils the Rugby World Cup 2023 Box. The piece is made of brown canvas embossed with a blue and red V on the front and blue leather lining on the inside, enhancing the gold color of Webb Ellis’ iconic piece. Today, the house is launching a new and dedicated creative game.

With the 2023 Rugby World Cup taking place in France next September, Louis Vuitton intends to strengthen its relationship with the internationally followed sporting event and ensure good visibility for all partner brands.

Dan Carter Louis Vuitton. – Louis Vuitton / Jonas Unger

New version in black and silver

The House has unveiled its first Cloakroom Trunk designed in collaboration with Dan Carter, the former New Zealand rugby player who retired two years ago. The piece was designed in collaboration with the artisans of the Louis Vuitton workshops in Asnières and allows the collection of souvenirs to be carried from the career of the former All Blacks player.

Made of wood and covered in black and silver Monogram Eclipse fabric, with metallic details, the box evokes the colors of the New Zealand rugby team. Louis Vuitton wanted to pay tribute to Dan Carter by writing on the object “DC10”, referring to the former rugby player’s number, or even “1598”, which is the number of points scored by the athlete in international tournaments. The piece also has five drawers with white leather handles and a large drawer surrounded by woven cotton straps.

If the trunk architecture in itself is an ode to the brand’s craftsmanship, its interior has been designed to capture the fondest memories of Dan Carter’s career. Rugby Player of the Year trophies, World Cup jerseys and medals, 100th cap, pairs of cleats, copies of the sportsbook The Art of Winning… So many influences reminiscent of an athlete’s career and performance. The box also includes a rugby ball co-created by Louis Vuitton and Dan Carter in 2019 in black and silver Monogram Eclipse canvas.

Dan Carter Louis Vuitton. – Louis Vuitton

“This Vestiaire box contains all the exceptional memories from my career as a professional rugby player and celebrates the art of travel by Louis Vuitton. To display them, I can think of no better place than this wonderful box,” summed up Dan Carter.

And for those who would like to acquire such a piece, the Malle Vestiaire is available on the siteElectronic shop From Louis Vuitton.

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