“Deadlands”: a zombie series from New Zealand coming to German television

“Deadlands”: a zombie series from New Zealand coming to German television

Sky is airing a series based on the 2014 Oscar nominee
“Dead lands”
AMC Entertainment
"Dead lands": Zombie series from New Zealand comes to German TV / AMC Entertainment

Sky takes on the New Zealand series “Dead Lands” in the program. The eight-part zombie horror film is based on the 2014 film of the same name, which was intended to represent New Zealand at the Oscars. From 22 March, Sky Atlantic will show the return of a dead Maori warrior to save humanity from zombies in double episodes every Tuesday from 8.15pm.

The series combines legendary New Zealand mythology with a zombie horror story: the cruel Maori warrior Waka Nuku Rau is killed, but his ancestors prevent him from reaching the afterlife. Wakka must return to the world as an undead to atone for his sins in a dangerous quest: someone or something has broken the fragile connection between the world of the living and the world of the dead. As a result, the spirits of the deceased return as zombies and haunt the living. Waka tries to save the world with the brave young Mihi, grappling with tribal politics, ancestral spirits, and other natural and supernatural forces in his mission.

The film stars Te Kohi Tohaka, Darnen Christian, Jordie Webber, Vicki Houghton, Calvin Tuteu, Kirk Torrance, and Grace Palmer.

the “The Dead Lands” by director Toa Fraser and screenwriter Glen Standring was a surprise hit in New Zealand cinemas and won several awards at the 2014 New Zealand Film and Television Awards. Ultimately, the production was sent into contention for the Hollywood Best Picture award as an official nominee for an Oscar, but ultimately did not make it to the shortlist.

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Five years later, Standring developed a series adaptation of the popular song of the same name for studio AMC Entertainment for broadcast station TVNZ and streaming service Shudder, where it premiered in January 2020.

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