Daisy Ridley expresses her interest in the Marvel Universe

Daisy Ridley expresses her interest in the Marvel Universe

“Star Wars” heroine

LONDON (AP) – In the latest “Star Wars” trilogy, Daisy Ridley played Jedi student Ray. The British actress can soon be seen in cinema adapted from the famous “Chaos Walk” books by Patrick Ness.

According to Ridley, it is a coincidence that both are popular franchises with large fan bases. “I don’t choose then, I’m not planning for the next ‘big’ movie,” the 29-year-old said. “I just read the script and liked and thought the idea was great.” “Chaos Walking” will be released in cinemas on June 17.

Ridley, who was in front of the camera on “Chaos Walking” with “Spider-Man” actor Tom Holland, said there had been no rumors of a possible role for “Spider-Woman” being said. “Someone asked me about Spider-Woman out of nowhere and I said, ‘Oh, that looks cool! ‘ said the Briton and laughed. By this I had apparently declared myself the first candidate, which is not true.

However, she will be interested in taking a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which includes films such as “Spider-Man” and “Avengers” as well as the series “WandaVision”. “If something great happens, of course I’ll be open to anything,” she suggested. I just finished watching WandaVision. What they did there is amazing, different, exciting. To be a part of this special world that is constantly expanding and reinventing itself would be very exciting.”

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