cycling |  Lauriane Genest strives to achieve her feat

cycling | Lauriane Genest strives to achieve her feat

(Tokyo) Lorient Genest has been an Olympic medalist for three days now. You didn’t realize it yet.

Frederic Daigle
Canadian Press

“Really, I’d say yes, but no, not really! She said of her third-place finish on Thursday in Kirin, during a video conference from her room in the Olympic Village in Izu, where the track races were being contested.

“We haven’t stopped since I won it,” she added. I tried to sleep as best as I could that night because I had races the next day [à la vitesse individuelle]. In fact, I’ve even had races [dimanche]. So, I haven’t been able to appreciate it yet as I feel like I can. ”

At the end of a frantic final – as with all Kirin races, it must be accepted – the 23-year-old crossed the finish line behind Dutchman Shane Braspinincks and New Zealander Ellis Andrews to claim Canada’s first individual medal in Canada. Cycling since gold medalist Laurie Ann Munzer, in Athens, in 2004.

Photo by Christian Hartmann, Reuters

Lorient Genest

Genest took the 16NS and 13NS Places of the World 2019 and 2020: Did you know they had this kind of performance in them?

“Not necessarily. I knew I couldn’t do anything more. [dans la dernière année]. I knew I was in good physical shape, but I didn’t know what the rest of the world had been up to last year. I was stronger physically and mentally. I knew I could do well, but I wasn’t expecting the podium.

Genest is eager to return to Quebec on Monday, to hand his medal to his parents, “The first with him [elle] We will share this moment.”

Lévisienne also competed in single sprint or sprint, finishing the games in eighth place. She was eliminated in the quarter-finals by teammate and friend Kelsey Mitchell, who finished her run on the highest step of the podium.

“It didn’t hurt that much!” she said of being eliminated by her friend. Sprinting is the discipline with which I faced the most difficulties before the Olympic Games. We worked hard on tactics and I had good games and good speeds. I did well and that’s why I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished.

“Quarter-finals were my goal. I’m making a file top 8 kisa: I can’t be disappointed or angry about anything. She lost to the Olympic champion, so I wouldn’t blame her too much! ”

Genest will use the next three weeks or so to rest with friends and family at home before starting to prepare for Worlds, which takes place in October. The location of the competition has not yet been determined.

“With what Canada just did at the Olympics, I think we have a good chance of winning medals at the World Championships,” she concluded.

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