Cancel Culture als Zeichen des nahenden Endes der Pandemie

Culture abolition as a sign of the end of the epidemic approaching

Anyone who wants to know when the end of the epidemic will be announced will find reliable information in the media headlines: soon. Suddenly other topics hit the headlines again: artists who have succeeded in drawing attention to their precarious situation, in light of seemingly absurd existence-threatening crises, angry debates in the first world about gender-appropriate language and the quest to learn the current and past history from as many as possible and liberate everything “Incorrect” (abolishing culture).

From Helmouth Fox

The Corona virus will remain with us, as hardly any European country, unlike a few countries around the world such as New Zealand or Australia, has made a serious attempt to completely eradicate the virus. In a globalized world, this also means that countries that have defeated the virus within their borders must expect it to re-emerge from the outside. Unless you maintain a strict regime of health checks at the border (passport vaccination, testing, quarantine) and ensure herd immunity in the country by vaccinating the population.

So it is just a matter of containing the virus as much as possible so that the health system is not overloaded and the number of victims remains as low as possible. Das mag für diejenigen, welche sich #ZeroCovid verschrieben haben, zynisch klingen, aber der Rest der Gesellschaft hat sich damit abgefunden, dass wir eine neue Krankheit unter uns haben, die in Ausnahmefällen frenäter Jüren, die in Ausnahmefällen frenäter Jüren, die in Ausnahmefällen auch auch bei Menschen Could you. Thanks to the newly announced vaccinations and medicines, the elderly can already be protected very well, and in a few months this will apply to the entire population.

Immediate anger and positions of radical opposition on the way to the new normal
The first signs of a recurring return to normal life are an increase in protests against arbitrary and sometimes useless political measures to combat the virus, only a slight increase, stable or sometimes slightly decreasing (hospitalization, deaths, Corona patients in intensive care units, those who have been tested) Positive) and addresses topics that have no place in existential crises.

More than 50 well-known German actors filmed the actions in short videos with satirical exaggeration, thus voicing their criticism of the policy. On social media, the action under #allesdichtmachen sparked a dirty storm plus a lot of approval.

Above all, doctors and ICU personnel, such as Doc Carrow (Carola Holzner), the self-proclaimed “Voice of the Health System”, did not feel very little attention, although the actors’ criticisms were only related to political actions and nothing to do with Nursing staff performance had to be done.

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Doc Caro Ultimate: “In the current situation, sarcastic discussions, mockery and sarcasm have no place in my opinion. You have crossed the line, the point of pain. ”

Doc Caro’s reaction is an example of how it is impossible to leave legitimate concerns to others without comment. You should immediately focus on your own problems, which others have not questioned and have nothing to do with the concerns of others. At the same time, others should be portrayed as ignorant, unsympathetic, unrelated to their fears in light of the importance of their performance and their own concerns.

At least some politicians in Germany such as Armin Laschet (“In crisis situations, the minority opinion of artists and intellectuals matters as well”) or Sarah Wagenknecht Used for actors and their interests.

Elite roosters fight for exclusion and gender-responsive spelling
Where, in the past, delightful arguments about the supremacy of opinion and better arguments with polished language, intellectual tricks, and rhetorical cynicism, embedded in the current and historical context, can certainly bring the audience entertainment and insight, such as:Windshield wipersBy Dieter Hildebrandt, There is currently growing intolerance, exclusion and disapproval. This is not regulated with enjoyment or intellectual stimulation, but is mostly stressful and ethical, as it looks only at the individual’s assumed importance and the highest possible amount of anger, ensuring clicks and interest in social media.

A culture of abolition thrives well in such an environment. Everything that does not correspond to one person, of course the only morally correct position, must be erased and suppressed. Ironically, this often does not affect those who can present themselves well thanks to their fame (who benefit even in the media from escalation to double and conflicting positions), but those who are no longer able to defend themselves and who are denied any opportunity. . To make their voice heard. Most of the time, any context fades out and focuses only on one statement, which is an unpleasant aspect, for the sake of relativism or erasure of the person as a whole, his performance and his history. Thus, the cultural cockfights of some privileged people develop into supposed “mainstream” movements, which nevertheless ignore the realities of life and the needs of the vast majority of the population.

This development also includes gender-sensitive spelling, which is currently leading to slaughter in the legibility of the texts. A small group dictates the correct use of language in texts as if the written language were in their possession. The vast majority of the population has never been asked and will not use it in daily use. The Independent German Language Association (GfdS) Clearly opposes asterisks, hyphens, and regular gender. “He has taken a lot of life of his own. We have standardized spelling that is also taught in school – there is no requirement for that.”

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In order to implement the most radical demands of even small minorities, everyone must show solidarity. In reality, the tolerance of the majority is sufficient without immediately demanding the assumption of a minority position, without straining the concept of solidarity to the point of fatigue. Complexity cannot be controlled through supposed moral superiority and prohibitions of thought, but through a cruel, gentle and respectful struggle for the best solutions with the participation of everyone who wants to participate in the discourse.

99.88% of the Swiss population has survived the virus
The frightening and repeated explosion of exponential numbers did not materialize into an overwhelming third wave. The end of the epidemic is looming, which, with the exception of the second wave, in which a large number of people over the age of 80 have died (which could have been largely protected by more stringent contact-person testing), is very moderate in terms of health for the population. Of the more than 83,000 people who have died since the beginning of 2020, 10,000 have died from and because of Corona (12%), among the 8.7 million residents of Switzerland, 99.88% have not died from the Coronavirus or because of it since the beginning of the epidemic. Of the approximately 1.3 million people treated in hospitals, fewer than 28,000 were Corona patients.

This illustrates the viewpoint of other issues that will affect the population at least as much as the virus: Environmental problems, for which a vote is scheduled for three in June (Drinking Water Initiative, Pesticides, and Carbon Dioxide ActThe role of the state in relation to our freedoms)The COVID-19 Act and the Terrorism ActOur relationship with Europe and our role in the world (Institutional Framework Agreement). All the right topics for rebuilding and practicing a culture of conversation lost in the pandemic. Without a shared will to solve these problems together, things will be cramped and uncomfortable for the future Swiss nation.

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