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Benjamin (Robert Stadeloper) is sent by his parents (Dagmar Mansell and Burgart Klausner) to a boarding school in Neuseln, when they are separated. This isn’t the first time the 16-year-old has changed school, especially because of his poor grades in math and German. Because of his hemiplegia, the boy has always been a stranger, but in New Zealand he is unexpectedly accepted by his classmates.

He befriends his roommate Janosch (Tom Schilling), even if he loves to put his friends to satirical tests, and he’s the only one who finds them funny. Instead of studying, teens would rather go to the lake, party, and talk about everything and everything. However, the friendship takes a serious blow when the two fall in love with the same girl, the beautiful Malin (Ona Devi Liebish). A fight ensued and a physical altercation ensued.

An excellent and very lively film about growing up and dealing with disabilities. For lead actors Robert Stadlooper and Tom Schilling, as well as for Caroline Herforth, “Crazy” was the beginning of a successful acting career. The film’s soundtrack is great too, based on Benjamin Lippert’s autobiographical novel of the same name, it was a hit of 2000 with an admission of 1.5 million cinemas.


Music: Christoph M. Kaiser
Camera: Sonya Rom
Book: Michael Guttman
Original: Based on the autobiographical novel by Benjamin Lippert of the same name
Director: Hans Christian Schmid

the actor

Benjamin Lippert: Robert Stadlober
Janush Schwartz: Tom Schilling
Painting: Oona Devi Liebich
Mary: Julia Hammer
Troy: Is it possible?
Cogley: Christoph Ortmann
Florian: Willie Racho
Felix: Joseph Bowles
Julian Liebert: Dagmar is a home
Klaus Liebert: Burgart Klausner
Paula: Mira Bartoshik
Hare Falkenstein: Jörg Gudzon
Anna: Caroline Herforth
Melanie: Alexandra Maria Lara
and others

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