Covid-19: Bill Gates warns of a new version

Covid-19: Bill Gates warns of a new version

Bill Gates, one of the most prominent voices since the beginning of the pandemic, stresses that Covid-19 can still affect our lives permanently.

“The nightmare is not over yet. There is a greater than 5% risk of a more deadly, contagious and deadly variant emerging,” the Microsoft founder told the Financial Times, adding that creating vaccines that prevent infection and have better durability was urgent.

It would be insane to see this tragedy approach without applying the necessary means for the good of the citizens of this world. The amounts invested in health systems are very low, and the risk of a pandemic is not taken seriously. This is tragic because all this money is saving lives. The cost of a life saved is less than $1,000.”

“To avoid another COVID-19 – or worse – the world needs a full-time paid team whose only job is to prevent epidemics,” Bill Gates said on his Twitter account.

A suggestion he is also developing in his latest book, to be published on May 4, entitled “How to Avoid the Next Pandemic?”. Americans are calling for caution and insisting on setting up a team of international experts made up of epidemiologists and computer scientists run by the World Health Organization.

This global course of action would identify and isolate threats and predict potential pandemics that could affect the future of humanity.

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