Covid-19: an alternative to "Omicron", new vaccination centers ... What to remember from Olivier Véran .'s announcements

Covid-19: an alternative to “Omicron”, new vaccination centers … What to remember from Olivier Véran .’s announcements

On Sunday, the Minister of Health, Olivier Veran, was heading to a vaccination center located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. He announced the establishment of an additional 300 vaccination centers in France in the coming days.

An increase in the contamination of Covid-19 in France, the risk of a new “Omicron” variant detected in South Africa … On the Covid-19 front, there are many questions. Health Minister Olivier Veran, who traveled on Sunday 28 November at the vaccination center in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, announced new targets on the vaccination component. He also gave more details about the “Omicron” variant. La Dépêche du Midi newspaper evaluates the minister’s announcements.

The alternative already exists in France?

According to the Minister of Health, the alternative “Omicron” could already be in France. “Once it’s being traded between our neighbors, it’s probably already being traded between us,” he said. He explained that determining this new alternative on French soil would only be “a matter of hours.” However, the circulation of this new alternative does not “change the situation” at the moment at the level of the health policy applied in France.

Olivier Veran was traveling on Sunday to a vaccination center in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, while the booster vaccination campaign, now open to all adults, was in full swing.

– BFMTV (BFMTV) November 28, 2021

According to Olivier Veran, this new variant is “at least as infectious” as the delta variant. “All researchers are working hard to find out if this variant presents elements that should worry us. When in doubt, we act as if this variant is dangerous.”

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Target: 10 million booster doses within a week

According to the Minister of Health, “more than 700,000 French have received their reminders over the past two days (…), including more than half of them from the city’s doctors.” Olivier Veran has announced a goal of “10 million” booster doses to be injected within a week. Currently, seven million French have received a booster dose of the vaccine. “We have set very high goals in terms of the pace of this campaign,” the minister commented.

Establishment of 300 additional vaccination centers in France

Their numbers are shrinking like hell: Olivier Veran has announced the upcoming opening of 300 vaccination centers in France, to ensure the best possible vaccination campaign. It will be added to the thousands of vaccination centers currently open in France. At the height of the vaccination campaign, last May, the country had 1,600.

Note that doctors and pharmacists can also inject this booster dose.

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