Coronavirus in Italia e nel mondo: le news del 2 maggio

Coronavirus in Italy and the world: News and Covid case bulletin today, May 2. Neighborhood

Covid, Catholic Action: Politics Responds to the Cry of the Most Fragile

“A difficult, unexpected and unprecedented time. A time of fear and suffering, which nevertheless hides signs of trust, causes of gratitude, and new paths of hope.” The Italian Catholic act, at the close of the Seventeenth National Assembly, held on the Internet, leaves a message to the Church and to the country. Words like solidarity, brotherhood, desire for benevolence, and the truth of justice are the words of the AC dictionary. In the footsteps of the educational authority of Pope Francis. “In the most difficult moments of a health emergency, we relied on the simplest and deepest values ​​of our humanity: concern for others, mutual solidarity, and free generosity. We will have to start over from these same values ​​to meet the various challenges we face. Italy is waiting in the near future.” With the epidemic “the number of new poor increased (+ 12.7%, according to the Caritas Report for October 2020), as a result of the economic crisis that inevitably affected many companies. Children and adolescents suffered from school closures, and many of them young people lost their jobs or feared not being able to find them. on her “.

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