Champions Cup. Man of the match, Beta Ahki, is king in the Touluzin stadium

Beta Ahki, elected man of the Champions Cup semi-final match against Bordeaux (Β© IconSport)

The Toulouse stadium qualified to Champions Cup Final beating Bordeaux (9-21). The semi-finals were not flashy on the field, there were no crazy rides, and it didn’t play as one would expect between these two teams. Heavy rain Certainly Ernst Wallon Expressed attacks prevented, but no Man of the match, beta I Hake. center Toulouse stadium Delivered again High standard service, After 3 weeks without playing.

Man of the match

Player Toulouse stadium He was doing return To compete For this The semifinals from Champions Cup against l’UBB. Pita Ahki The discussions literally dominated the head and shoulders. However, his stats are not on paper, Covered 13 meters Balloon in hand, 8 Treat And the 2 turnover Implemented by the red and black attack center. Still three quarters Toulouse With Best Activity in defense. Pita Ahki Simply stunned the meeting His talent Based on Its effect In the European multi-champions team.

Always on the cutting edge of fighting and game Toulouse, The New Zealand Center Constant pressure on my players l’UBB. On the offensive, he always did The right options To put its partners in the best of circumstances. As in the articleAntoine Dupont, Pita Ahki Especially is the initiative when opening the breach of the cavalry of Toulouse. performance It can’t be used badly.

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In the post-match conference, Maxim Midard, Author of his book Match 350 under The Jersey Stadium Tolzen, Highlighted No performance And the Importance Among his team-mates Rouge et Noir:

Beta hickey? He could be a man of the match every time.

Maxim Medard, a player at Touluzin Stadium

The king is in the center of the Touluzin stadium

At 28 Pita Ahki Imposes itself One of the centerpieces of the Touluzin stadium. On every outing, the New Zealand Heart appears as one of the match players, if not Man of the match. It’s kept for some encounters, but it’s terrifying Important in major events And meetings are high stakes. However, he is not the most talented player on the field Surgical proficiency And prof Utmost necessity For the bandUgo Mola.

Real rock on defense With cartridges that often make viewers shiver. But in attack too, Central Toulouse a Significant impact. The spearhead is often used for the 12th attack at the rear as a starting point for Toulouse’s cavalry. On social media, supporters and fans of the Toulouse Oval are calling out Choose Beta Haki with … the fifteenth of France.

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