Corona tape: More than 90 million US citizens have been fully vaccinated

Corona tape: More than 90 million US citizens have been fully vaccinated

2:04 PM: Aiwanger threatens to close locker due to Coronavirus requirements

In the dispute over the requirements of Corona in Bavaria, free voters threaten to block the extension of the Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Act in the Cabinet. The background is the explanation along with the federal emergency brakes, which means for Bavaria that the two stricter regulations will always be applied in the free state, Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Hubert Ewanger of Deutsche Presse-Agentur in Munich said. .

Free voters demanded that Bavaria adopt more flexible guidelines than the federal emergency brakes for Corona. “We now have to rest all the things the federal government allows us to do, as quickly as possible,” Ewanger said. He announced that he would like to address the issue in the Cabinet by Tuesday at the latest, but at the same time he hopes for an early solution. CSU has already been informed, but so far it has had no notes.

As per the current situation, only federal emergency brake regulations apply in Bavaria, and they are stricter than the previous procedure in Free State. This means, for example, that by having 150 stores, even after the appointment and negative corona test, it is no longer permitted to visit them. Previously, this was allowed to occur at 200. On the contrary, Bavaria also refrains from sending students to remote lessons only with an occurrence of 165 or more, and here the more stringent occurrence of 100 continues to be applied as a threshold value.

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The Decree on Measures for the Protection of Bavarian Infection is in effect until May 9 and must be extended by that time at the latest, otherwise it will expire. From the current point of view, Iwanger said he could not support an extension of the regulation. This would only be conceivable if the number of infections deteriorated dramatically and the situation in hospitals became critical.

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