Corona: "privileges" for vaccination?  Germany is slowing down - that's what other European Union countries think

Corona: “privileges” for vaccination? Germany is slowing down – that’s what other European Union countries think

In Germany, the Coronavirus vaccination is not a reason for preferential treatment. Some European countries think differently and grant freedom of entry.

Munich – In the wrong context, “concession” can be an ugly word. at Germany* It has been deliberating for weeks regarding the question of whether people are looking for a file Corona vaccination * They should be treated differently from those who are still waiting for an injection (syringes). It is not about additional sausages, it is only about returning to basic rights, At first he threatened to plunge into the spiral of debate *.

“Discrimination” doesn’t sound better. Romanian President Klaus Iohannes used the word in the debate over the European vaccination certificate. It’s the same with the franchise, only from another perspective. What is the failure of someone who has not yet received an injection? The Romanian government found an answer to that. One conflicts with the boss’s reservation. Since mid-January, those who have been vaccinated against Corona have been exempt from the obligation to enter quarantine first.

Privileges for the vaccinators: Germany wants equal rights for everyone now

The question of what personal freedoms such things bring in their real names is growing as national vaccination campaigns advance. In light of slow progress, the theoretical debate in most European countries is still whether traveling and going to restaurants is possible faster with the right guide. In Germany, for example, the same rules apply to everyone until further notice. The most important reason: It is not yet certain that the vaccination will also prevent the transmission of infection to others.

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The first countries of the European Union have already withdrawn and the facts are created. Even faster than Romania* war Poland*. Since the end of December when that was Bountech *The vaccine has just been approved, and vaccination has advantages. The obligation to quarantine does not apply to them, as does the restrictions on private meetings, as they no longer burden the unit of persons allowed to communicate. It was the third country in the European Union to have special rules since February 1 Estonia *.

This is how it should look again this summer, if possible: a vaccination certificate should lead to beaches completion.

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The privileges of people who have been vaccinated: The European Union wants certification – but the important questions have yet to be clarified

The European Union is a continent with two speeds on this issue. People are rushing forward, but Brussels still thinks about the big picture. There is an agreement that a joint certificate of vaccination is required. But the specific use of this document has not yet been determined. Up until now, it was only a matter of medical aspects such as the question of whether the two injections could also be used in different countries.

Not everyone likes to wait that long. In the southern European Union countries, which are particularly dependent on tourism, the process is being pursued with increasing impatience. People who have been vaccinated and who are now fully mobile again are potential holiday guests and then was the Greek prime minister. Kyriakos Mitsotakis *In mid-January, he was the first to call for an EU-wide vaccination certificate with corresponding freedom of travel.

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Privileges for inoculation: Greeks Seal Agreement with Israel – Britain will soon follow

Athens this week signed an agreement with Israel providing for unimpeded entry into a state of fortification. “Travel should be easier for those who can provide evidence of vaccination,” Mitsotakis implored. It should take effect “as soon as a large part of the population is vaccinated”. This can be done quickly. Israel* It is the world leader in vaccinations against Corona. The Greeks want a similar agreement as quickly as possible Great Britain* Close.

To the north, people are happy when normal business trips are possible again. Denmark * He plans to obtain a digital vaccination card, which will be “like a second passport, if you will,” says Administrative Finance Minister Morten Podskof. After all, there are areas in the local economy that “must move forward,” and this is only possible if you cross borders. However, in the medium term, other parts of society must use testimony as well. After all, Danes also love to travel in private. (mbe, dpa) * is part of the Ippen National Digital Editorial Network.

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