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Counselor Curtis heads to Israel at the beginning of March to see the success of the Corona vaccination and to explore projects. He is accompanied by the Prime Minister of Denmark from the Social Democratic Party, Mitt Frederiksen.

Saturday night, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced a trip to Israel at the beginning of March to see the success of the Corona vaccination across the country (more than half of the population had already been vaccinated there) – in cooperation with the Danish Social Democratic Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen.

On Friday, it said they would fly to Israel on March 4, after Curtis videoconferred with politicians from the European Union, in order to agree to cooperate with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on vaccines and medicines. This has already been discussed in the context of the “first movers” – countries outside of China that attribute a particularly aggressive strategy against Corona, such as Australia, New Zealand and the Czech Republic. At least in the latter country, the situation has, of course, been out of control of the agencies lately.

The goal should be to prepare for the post-summer phase, and given the coronavirus mutations, “adapt existing vaccines and treatments as quickly as possible or produce new vaccines as quickly and independently as possible,” Kurtz said. In Austria, capacity in research, development and production has been worked on for several months. “Our first priority is to accelerate production and purchase of vaccines for the future,” said Curtis.

There was also agreement on this at the EU Video Summit. And: “With the green passport, which Israel has already introduced, we have to make much faster progress in the European Union. There is now a positive movement in the right direction,” Curtis pointed to work in the European Union on a digital passport that is making things easier for those who have been vaccinated And their testing and recovery when traveling and other areas.

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Austria wants to produce a Russian vaccine

Due to the lack of vaccines in the European Union, Austria is now increasingly interested in the Russian drug Sputnik V. Federal Chancellor Curtis called Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday and talked about possible deliveries. A spokesman for the chancellor confirmed this to the “press”, but Austria will initially wait for the European Medicines Agency to approve the drug, and Russia has not yet submitted an application to the European Union authorities.

Federal Chancellor Curtis speaks on a videoconference on Friday as part of the informal EU Council on the Internet in his office at the Federal Chancellery.BUNDESKANZLERAMT / DRAGAN TATIC

However, there is also currently a production shortage. According to the information provided in the “press”, there were exploratory talks with companies in this regard. There are two companies in Austria currently involved in producing vaccines against Covid-19: Valneva (Vienna) and Polymun (Klosterneuburg). He stated at the beginning of February that one must lead the debate about vaccines without “geopolitical taboos”.

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