Controversial vaccination ad in Australia: 'Wrong in every respect, totally inappropriate' - Politics

Controversial vaccination ad in Australia: ‘Wrong in every respect, totally inappropriate’ – Politics

A radical commercial advertisement by the Australian government for vaccinations has caused irritation and outrage. The 30-second film, which has been shown since Sunday in a Sydney room, shows a young woman in a hospital bed in dark colours. She is attached to ventilation tubes stuck in her nose. She panted to breathe again and again in a panic, tossing her head back and forth.

After 19 seconds, the video message appears: “Covid-19 can affect anyone. Stay home. Allow yourself to be tested. Book your vaccination appointment.”

The video shows a serious illness from Covid-19, with Fade at the beginning of the video warning that the images can be considered disturbing. But the most severe criticism is not because of the filming, but above all because of the age of the woman.

Because the film clearly targets an age group younger than 40 – but they can’t currently get any vaccinations in Australia with the government-recommended Biontech vaccine. With production bottlenecks, younger Australians can only expect a Biontech vaccination at the end of the year.

So prominent TV presenter Hugh Remington strongly attacked the government’s crackdown. “It was totally inappropriate” to post such a video message while the target age group was still waiting for the “damn vaccinations,” he wrote on Twitter.

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