ARBITRAGE. Pourquoi le protocole du ''passage à vide'' a-t-il été appliqué à Pita Ahki ?

controller. Why was the “blank pass” protocol implemented on the AHKE beta?

Cup Champions. Antoine Dupont’s advanced lessons captivated the foreign pressA massive campaign carried by Antoine Dupont, Stade Toulouse won their first Champions Cup match against Cardiff. A match that the European champions struggled to start, lacked standards, and sometimes lacked desire. In diesel mode, visitors gradually found their marks to win at the end. However, they will not always be able to count on the best player in the world to deliver a masterful performance. Lessons were certainly learned from this meeting during the video session. A session in which the event is watched in the 46th minute of play to see what could have been done differently so that the ball falls behind the line rather than being returned to the opponent after a whistle penalty kick against Beta Ahki.

video linkAs if you were in the video session at the stadium, we suggest that you analyze this procedure to understand why the New Zealand official is being punished.

Arbitration point:

BeIn Sports commentators found the referee to be particularly harsh when he whistled at Peta Ahki over the action against Cardiff. We wish to make a theoretical contribution to this situation.

Here we analyze the stealth rule in the current game. Ahki finds himself in front of a teammate carrying the ball (Médard), so he is in an offside position in the current match.

Referees are only required to punish them if the offside player has an effect in the game. To help referees answer this awkward question, grammar thinkers have devised the “blank pass” protocol.

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Question 1: Was Peta Ahkki in a position to receive Roman Ntamak’s pass? The answer is yes…
So the second question: Who started the contact between Peta Ahki and the Cardiff defender? It’s Peta Ahki, the blue athlete who didn’t enter the Toulouse race. So Ahki is punished if the referee deems the connection to have sufficient effect.

Without this connection, the Blue Defender could have been much more effective at tackling Medard. Referees are required to be very precise when they approach the goal line, which is why the whistle makes sense. The same measure could have been sorted into midfield, as it had less of an impact on the game.

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