Challenge Cup / Baloise Division: Daniel Ramsey will not be stopped

Challenge Cup / Baloise Division: Daniel Ramsey will not be stopped

Citing the end of the Challenge Cup encounter against Ireland’s London side last weekend (17-33), the second row of the Paloise Division Daniel Ramsay has been acquitted by the EPCR Disciplinary Committee.

Daniel Ramsay was taking a lot of risks. Finally he took nothing. Called to explain his position during an independent disciplinary hearing on Wednesday, a disciplinary panel made up of Pat Bariscal (Ireland) heard the 37-year-old New Zealander’s second streak, who is living his ninth and final season in a Baloise jersey, heard from the 37-year-old. ) and President Marcelo Dore (Portugal) and David Humphreys (Ireland).

At the end of the first day of the Challenge Cup match between POW and Ireland’s London last Saturday (17-33), Martyrdom Commissioner Gary Gordon targeted the man with 199 games under the green and white shirt. (Scotland) “She is suspected of having touched the London Eye of Ireland’s second-tier Rob Simmons in the 44th minute of the match, in violation of the 9.12 rule.” Concretely, he accused Ramsey of putting a fork on his opponent. Gesture punishable from 6 to 208 weeks of suspension.

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After viewing photos of the event, he took Balois’s statement – who pleaded not guilty – and then gave the floor to Benjamin Perelivad (the player’s legal representative) and Sebastian Pequerones (Division Manager) William McTiernan (the player’s officer in charge). Discipline EPCR), the Disciplinary Board determined that despite Ramsey having contact with Simmons’ eye or his eye area, his conduct did not merit a red card. “The bid has therefore been rejected,” the European Cup organizer, EPCR, said in a press release. Ramsay can immediately redo the offer. “The European Court has the right to appeal the decision,” she concludes.

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