Common Godwit breaks the world record in endurance flight

Common Godwit breaks the world record in endurance flight

On September 16, 4BBRW took off in southwest Alaska. After eleven days and more than 12,000 kilometers, a woodbird, a male, reached New Zealand and landed in a bay near Auckland. 4BBRW flew 12,000 km without interruption. British reported “guardian”.

4BBRW broke the world record for longest uninterrupted bird flight. The previous record was held by a common fortune teller called E7 of 11,690 kilometers, which flew nonstop on the same route in 2007. For 4BBRW – named, incidentally, after the colors of the rings on its legs: blue, blue, red and white – the satellites were It increases by approximately 1,000 kilometers, or 12,854 kilometers. Researchers coordinated by the Dutch University of Groningen Flyway Global NetworkWhoever discovered wading paths like an ordinary wooden staircase would think the real figure is closer to 12,000 km after correcting all the errors.

“Designing a Fighter Plane”
“Woodcock is incredibly energy efficient and has a fighter jet design,” environmental scientist Jesse Conklin tells the Guardian. “The long, pointed wings and physique give them great aerodynamic potential.” The aerodynamic shape reduces drag, and the long wings help you fly faster. Before take off, a common fortune teller could double his body weight. She can then count on that for her long journey.

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