Coco Lindelauf in blue, white and red

Coco Lindelauf in blue, white and red

Orange Challenge

The Girls’ Orange Challenge returns on Saturday 20 November, at 10 am, in Névian and on Saturday 27, same time, in Canet-d’Aude.

Lorang Rugby

This challenge has already been around for 22 years. Great event for boys under 14 and under 15 for girls. Each year, more than 1,000 clubs participate in all French departments, in the French capital and beyond. In 2022, the National Final of this challenge will take place this weekend for the Top 14 Final, at the FFR headquarters in Marcousi. This competition is held in three phases: the administration phase, from November 20 to December 19, 2021; Regional phase, from February 12 to March 14, 2022; Final, at the end of June, the weekend of the Top 14 Final. Young participants are highlighted through seven workshops dedicated to technical and tactical qualities. Innovation for the 2021-2022 season, the arrival of the eighth workshop on digital education.

Workshops in the Upper Valley

FFR workshops attended by the Rugby Schools of ARPAL (Association Rugby Pyrénées Audoises Limoux), which together brought together the clubs of Quillan, Pays de Sault, Couiza-Espéraza and Limoux, and Rugby Education in Lauragais (Castelnaudary, Villeneuve and Pyre-la-Comptal) (Bram and Montreal). Over 80 budding rugby players gathered for a beautiful morning of technical (training) work, not forgetting the coexistence that is an integral part of rugby.

New collaborator

The Management Committee of Aude Clément Ghisi has hired a sports teacher, currently in training for BPJEPS (Professional Brevet for Youth, Popular Education and Sport), at CREPS in Montpellier. Under an apprenticeship contract, Clément will exchange one week in class and three weeks in a company, twenty hours at RE Cabardès club, where he also plays as a player, and fifteen hours at the disposal of CD 11. His management will mainly be: supervising children in schools as well as sports. With different youth selections and detection courses. Welcome to Clément which will be with CD 11 through June 2023.

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With the future of rugby

The Administrative Committee was present in Cabindo, on Saturday, November 13, as part of the Rugby game, with the acoustics of U8, U10 and U12. Six rugby schools are present: Corbières XV, US Carcassonnaise, ASOM (Olonzac-Minervois), Rugby Entente du Cabardès (Conques, Pezens and Villemoustaussou) and RC Alaric for another very useful training day.

Coco Lindelof

The second choice of Coco . holder (corresponding photo) who brilliantly beat the New Zealand women with the French women’s rugby team. Jamin, who has dual French-Dutch citizenship, discovered rugby at a school in Corbières. A blessing for rugby Aude and the Frenchman as she was pushed to the national team and Blagnac. Audoise adoptive, her parents fell in love with Corbières and settled there, she wears the colors of the department very high.

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