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Chronopost continues its investments to modernize its activity and strengthen its regional network with the new Espace Logistique Urbain (ELU) in the center of Strasbourg.

Designed to meet the logistical plans of the city, this 1,000 square meter ELU is located in former underground storage spaces of the Les Halles shopping center in Strasbourg. Aim to comply with local regulations in the Grande Île region, which prohibit access to electric vehicles or CNG after 11:00 am.

Indeed, after this time, the delivery must be carried out by cargo bike and / or on foot. It should be noted that the new Chronopost agency now has 10 tricycles and cargo bikes for city center deliveries.

In addition, depending on the address of the recipients, especially for residents of the Big Island, deliveries on foot are also provided. In order to ensure the proper functioning of electric vehicles, this new urban logistics space in Strasbourg has 6 charging stations, to which a fast charging station has been added, as well as 6 for electric cargo bikes. JPG

Source: Video-News No. 861

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