Chernobylite, official release period on PC, PS4 and Xbox One –

Chernobylite, official release period on PC, PS4 and Xbox One –

Chernobyl interval Director Responsible day ComputerAnd the PS4 And Xbox One: The game will appear on these platforms in July 2021, while it will arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S only later.

Available in Early Access on Steam as of the end of 2019, so Chernobylite is preparing to go outEarly access And to present itself in the final version, it has also been revised thanks to user feedback.

When we tried Chernobylite, last October, we found ourselves faced with a product that featured a polished and interesting narrative segment, as well as Play Faceted.

Specifically, our Simone Tagliaferri judge in his article: “Chernobylite becomes more and more interesting after release.”

“Without final judgments, we cannot deny that we really liked the game, thanks to the elegant narrative aspect and a series of interesting solutions, as well as the gameplay that carefully blends shooting, stealth and survival.”

“If the following updates confirm what we’ve tried so far, we will definitely find ourselves talking about a small masterpiece, hopefully in the end we launch a talented studio like Farm 51. ”

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