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Cheetah | MDR.DE

Few animals can match the elegance of cheetahs. These extremely cautious and shy big cats are rarely seen in the wild for more than a few seconds. The only time you can observe it on a larger scale is when it is asleep in a tree and recovering from hunting, which usually takes place at night.

However, in the northern Serengeti, it has been possible to capture amazing insights into the lives of big cats and their hunting methods on camera. Now the female leopard has started hunting in broad daylight. Their homestead located along the river bed, surrounded by dense gallery forest, provides everything a mother leopard needs to make ends meet for herself and her offspring, a young male.

Picturesque rocks and dense undergrowth, a landscape where a big cat can disappear in seconds to sneak up on potential prey. The female tries to stalk like a shadow to catch Thomson’s gazelle and antelope at the edge of the bush. This is no easy task when you still have a goofy son hoping for some spoils.

Animal film director Reinhard Radke knows Africa like no other, and has captured fascinating and sometimes unknown behaviors in unique stories during his filming. An intimate portrait of an extraordinary tiger whose fate was followed on camera over the course of two years.

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