Charlotte Rampling: "I'm an actress to learn about myself and life"

Charlotte Rampling: “I’m an actress to learn about myself and life”

what do you mean by that?
Kids need to feel protected, and a little order helps with that. The system is not a bad thing! Instilling some ground rules in your children will eventually make life easier for all of us. You do better. He is the happiest.

Are you saying you never rebelled?
you rebelled But it is important to know how to collect yourself. If you lose that, you really lose yourself.

Are there specific rules to help you make it work?
The same people I taught to my children: You must show respect to others and understand that we are all equal. We may live with hierarchies, but there are no hierarchies in our humanity. With underprivileged people, you don’t just look the other way, you respect each other. This is a basic thing to keep in mind – but we got away! To get back to your question: I don’t get the impression that society lacks more direct dealings with each other, but it does lack mutual respect. Perhaps people have simply forgotten what the word respect means.

Why do you think so?
It must be proven. If your parents misbehave, you’re probably misbehaving too, right? It’s more complicated than that, of course, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try and provide your kids with some decency! (Laugh)

As a mom, have you found it easy to apply the rules?
As a parent, you want unwavering love from your children, but that’s not normal. This is not the point. First of all you have to prepare your children for life. My kids must think from time to time: Oh my God, here he comes again…always the same! Today my son says the rules set him free. It wasn’t until a long time later that I understood what my parents had given me. We talk a lot about this now – why?

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