Chambon.  Ecopôle du Forez, a space in perpetual motion

Chambon. Ecopôle du Forez, a space in perpetual motion

For 30 years, Ecopôle du Forez has been weaving its history, drawing on its past and its experience. This magnificent and symbolic site of the department continues its way.

From our correspondent, Éliane Cognard
Today at 15:09

In thirty years, this sanctuary for animals and plants has received 1,500,000 visitors. It now extends over an ecological area of ​​760 hectares where 274 species of birds are counted. Some, like the bald eagle or spoonbills, stop in the fall; others take refuge there in the winter; Many choose it in the spring to breed there.

That is why the sight of many chicks at the beginning of July fascinates visitors, like very small winged black stilts.

Education space

True to its core mission, Ecopôle provides a space dedicated to environmental education and all its issues.

Groups of all kinds, of all ages, benefit from activities that can be chosen from a very wide offer or to order. The organization of birthdays is increasing and always leaves an unforgettable memory.

The Ecopôle du Forez is also a center of reference and work, even experimentation, in the scientific field, but it is also a space for walks and relaxation which offers the general public about ten kilometers of trails.

Preserved wood now welcomes the public

From now on, the loop that allows you to wander the Ecopôle passes through preserved wood that naturally owes its name to its very special condition. In fact, this is the remnant of the alluvial forest, the last piece of land that was never exploited to become a gravel pit.

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For a long time, the preserved wood was kept closed to the public to accommodate scholars or only select groups, including school events.

From now on, within everyone’s reach, preserved wood offers its many origins.

1.5 million

Since its inception, Ecopôle has welcomed 1,500,000 visitors. The park covers 760 hectares and you can see 274 species of birds protected. 675 plant species are noted there and 10 kilometers of trails run through the Ecopôle to discover them.

Champion – Summer Program

Tuesday, July 11:

10am – 11:30am Nature Activity: Discover the hidden world of baby animals!

Afternoon: walk on trails and observatories (binoculars and telephoto lenses). It is possible to meet an animator on a bicycle pulling a trailer with different glasses or lenses.

10:30 a.m. – noon: Tales and Land Art.

Thursday, July 20:

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM: Soaking in the twilight at Ecopôle. when registering.

Ecopôle welcomes visitors every afternoon, including public holidays, from 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm. An exhibition dedicated to the wolf can be viewed until August 31.

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