Caring for the environment, according to science, helps you be more attractive

What does it take to be more attractive ? The answers are plentiful, some about appearance, others about details to consider in history, to name a few. But interests matter too, and if it turns out that you are inclined to care The environmentYou have a better chance of being seen as attractive.

A new study published in the scientific journal Personality and individual differences confirmed that Men and women find it more attractive Someone trying to do their part Help the planet.

And not only that, the more you do to take care of her, the more likely you are to exist He considers you for a serious, happy and lasting relationship.

Everything is related according to the study that determined thatAltruism and benevolence taken into account when He is considered an attractive person (which has been demonstrated in previous studies) and that being pro-environmental is one of the many ways in which you can be social, that is, behave in a way that our actions benefit society.

Of course, We know it makes us more attractive In front of others, because what the study also found is that even those who are not inclined to Be more ecological On a daily basis, try to be when they are in front of a potential partner.

If you need more guides, just check out the listings Famous The more attractive. many of them Fully participate in the fight against climate change And loved by the audience: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joaquin Phoenix, Pierce Brosnan, Mark Ruffalo, Ian Somerhalder, Gisele Bundchen, Cate Blanchett, Drew Barrymore…

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And therefore, If you want to be more attractive, perhaps the key is to start recycling a little more, dUse less plastic or use the car less. The good news is that the planet will benefit, too.

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