“Care, Boldness and Participation” – International Conference on Artistic Research

Vienna (OTS) From 7 to 9 April 2021, MDW – University of Music and Dramatic Arts Vienna, in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the University of Applied Arts Vienna, will host the Twelfth International Conference on Artistic Research of the Association for Artistic Research (SAR).

For the first time in its history, the popular SAR conference will be held as a live online event with nearly 40 current contributions from international participants being thematically directed towards three “magnets”: “Care, Boldness and Sharing”. Works, methods, outcomes, cognitive interventions, outcomes, forms of understanding and commitment to sharing experiences – in complexity and simplicity, are presented in traditional, unconventional, robust and fragile ways.

For the first time, the SAR conference is being held in cooperation with three universities of art. The dynamic field of artistic research and the diversity of artistic disciplines and approaches are comprehensively and creatively displayed. The SAR 2021 conference will also work to make Vienna visible as an important location for technical research in German-speaking countries and to enhance the field of research.

Care, Audacity and Sharing: Key Words and Program

From 145 entries via an international call, around 40 contributions from a variety of disciplines and research methods were gathered into a variety of current technical research. Emma Cocker (Associate Professor, Fine Arts, Nottingham Trent University), Lisa Lim (Professor of Composition, Sculthorpe Chair of Australian Music, Sydney Conservatory of Music) and Jyoti Mystery (Professor of Film at the University of Gothenburg).

Ulrike Sych, President of the MDW University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Vienna: “The Collaboration Project demonstrates the international importance of artistic research in the diversity of its methodological and disciplinary approaches that intervene in context and address the major issues of our time.”

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Denise Peters, President of the Society for Artistic Research: “Questions of artistic research, changes and expansion – by thinking through works of art and not just about them – what we know and know. In their search for new knowledge and paths of knowledge, the search for artists investigates difficult questions creatively from perspectives. A subjective and multiple view.The 12th International Technical Research Conference, in more than 45 diverse and remarkable contributions and with plenty of opportunities for dialogue, shows how artistic research can enrich art and influence deep human issues.I am especially pleased that the SAR conference, which was organized jointly with three World-famous art universities in Vienna, also offers a time capsule of the 11th edition (Bergen 2020), which has been canceled due to the pandemic, in the form of the “Pending Absence” website.

Johan Hartl, President of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna: “Artistic research is an essential part of the self-image of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and is often used as an international model. The program focuses on theories of critical knowledge, and it starts from a living diversity that has its own reservoir of knowledge. The performing power of the visual arts opens up sources of knowledge that are often drawn from traditional knowledge. We bring this perspective into everyday academic life over and over again and look forward to active collaboration within the Art Research Association as well as with the two other art universities in Vienna. “

Gerald Paste, President of the University of Applied Arts in Vienna: “The Vienna University of Applied Arts has not only been heavily involved in the creation of the world-acclaimed program to promote artistic research projects, it is also the most successful university in Austria in this project with funding from the National Research Fund.
Technical research is a central component of an applied profile and is part of the tools for the further development and interdisciplinary communication of technical work areas in all very different subject areas. In recent years the results of Angewandte’s artistic research projects have appeared with great success in exhibitions in Vienna, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

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Date: April 7 to April 9, 2021

Conference Committee: Anna Artaker, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Alexander Damanich, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Michaela Glanz, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Johan A. Harberg, Society for Artistic Research (SAR), Therese Kaufmann, MDW – University of Music and Performance Kunst Wien, Johannes Kretz, MDW – University of Music and Dramatic Arts Vienna (Chair), Denise Peters, Society for Artistic Research (SAR), Barbara Potz Pleiku, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Gabriel Schmid, Artistic Research Society (SAR)

Detailed information and program: sar2021vienna.ac.at

The Technical Research Association (SAR) is a non-profit international technical scientific association dedicated to developing artistic research, communication and international dissemination as a defined practice of knowledge production. SAR also aims to facilitate collaboration and communication between those interested in studying and practicing technical research.

SAR was founded in 2010 in Bern, Switzerland (as an initiative of artists Florian Dombois and Michael Schwab along with Henk Borgdorff) by about 80 artists, researchers and academics from all over the world. It is the only international association for technical research in the world. It has an international membership made up of academic, non-academic institutions and individuals.

Technical Research Association

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