Can be used in any game -

Can be used in any game –

Waiting for an official call from AMD, comes from VideoCardz interesting news, according to which the company intends to introduce the technology soon Radeon Ultra HD Resolution (RSR) which should represent aFidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) extension Applicable to All games.

It will be, to some extent, one ‘democratizing’ technology Improve accuracy with AI, and extend it to any game regardless of whether FidelityFX is supported or not.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution lets you improve graphics quality using AI

So RSR can be used in games before FSR is generally introduced Any title that can be used “in full screen” On the PC, thus reducing the requirements to a minimum to be able to apply such technology.

Pending confirmation from AMD, which may arrive at this point during CES 2022, we can imagine this new resolution scaling technology using AI could deliver results that probably don’t reach FSR but anyway. It is applied to any title regardless of FidelityFX support, thus extending its use significantly.

Given that FSR is currently supported with only 70 games, RSR will have much more support, with a direct application within control Board windows. Although the solution adopted by Nvidia, DLSS, has proven to be superior, it must be said that the latter necessarily requires a graphics card with a strung core and specific game support for this technology.

The strength of RSR, albeit perhaps in the face of low scores, would be an exponential expansion of the user base that could use this technology, although it may still be associated with at least AMD GPUs based on the RDNA 1 architecture.

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