Amazon Alexa smart speaker suggests that the girl play...with an electrical outlet

Amazon Alexa smart speaker suggests that the girl play…with an electrical outlet

An Alexa speaker was going to introduce a dangerous game to a girl: playing with an electrical outlet.

This mother of a family still can’t believe it. Kristen Livdahl was furious on Twitter on December 26th when she found out what Alexa connected speaker He proposed to his 10-year-old daughter who just wanted to play The Challenge. A completely harmless request quickly turned into a scandal.

The mother of the family had already managed to discover the answer formulated by fear l’assistant My voice from amazon : “The challenge is simple. Insert your phone charger halfway into a wall socket, then stick a coin to the ends that are still protruding,” reports Nomirama.

We’ve been having physical challenges indoors, like lying on the floor and rolling while you hold your foot in your hand, which we saw in a YouTube video of a former physical education teacher. – Kristen Levdahl

Amazon corrects its ‘mistake’

Screenshot of support, Kristen Levdahl immediately asked From Giant Explanations the web to which he was quick to respond. “Our customers’ trust is at the heart of everything we do, and Alexa is designed to provide customers with accurate, relevant, and useful information. Once we became aware of the error, we acted quickly to fix it,” Amazon Customer Service says.

The most likely answer may come from a misunderstanding of the term “challenge” by the voice assistant.

Penny Challenge

According to Numerama, the suggestion by the Amzon assistant could have its origin from the “Penny Challenge,” a challenge that consists of placing a coin on electrical terminals in order to generate sparks and, in the process, burn the circuit. Fortunately, the mother was there to prevent her daughter from taking action…

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