Campaign pledge - homosexuality: New Zealand bans 'conversion practices'

Campaign pledge – homosexuality: New Zealand bans ‘conversion practices’

Wellington (dpa) – New Zealand now bans suspect treatments for the alleged treatment of homosexuality. A law to that effect was passed by Parliament in Wellington on Tuesday.

And this is how Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made good on her 2020 election promise. “Divergent practices have no place in modern New Zealand,” said Justice Minister Chris Favoy. Talk about a “great day” for the LGBTQ community in the Pacific nation.

Ban with a clear message

“By banning diversion practices in New Zealand, we are joining other countries around the world in sending a clear message that all people – including young people – deserve protection, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression,” Vavoy emphasized. . These practices may be up to five years in prison in the future.

“Conversion therapy” is already banned in many countries, including Canada, France and Israel. Germany decided to introduce a partial ban in 2020. Since then, these “treatments” have been completely banned for minors and adults under certain conditions.

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