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Robert Sukro in conversation with Massimo Mayo

Enjoy the life captured by the camera. Bruno Sukro often did what he felt he was doing. (Special)

Bruno Sukro was a mechanic by profession; Today he is a film artist and a cult figure. The sworn fan base celebrates the action of the anime, which is now 93 years old. His son Robert explains what “magic” is all about.

93-year-old Bruno Sukro is a “filmmaker,” as he calls himself. Born in Berlin, lives in Aachen, mechanic by trade – and film aficionado, in twelve years he’s made an impressive work of computer-animated films at home. Now he has put his last potential movie online with “Der Irrtum”:

The show began with his camera and filming of the special events, says Sochro’s son Robert, “When he finally hit him: Wait a minute, I didn’t film his arrival! Then we all had to go home with our bags packed to simulate the start. So the movie held together too.”

Age and creative freedom

When his father was no longer animatronic with age, he went into the world of animation. When a father writes a screenplay, a lot of gut instinct comes in. Events from everyday life are also incorporated and the original idea of ​​the story can sometimes also be changed.

Bruno and Robert Sukro (Exclusive)Robert Sukro (right) is himself a fan of his father Bruno. (Special)
Bruno Socro’s films have been publicly observed for years, and he was a guest at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam. His son explains the interest and “magic” that films have, on the one hand, with the aging of the father, on the other hand with the fact that the father himself spoke of many roles – including those of women.

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“He doesn’t have to pay attention to anything. He doesn’t care.”

The son is sure that the fact that his father gives young women a voice is what made his work so strange and sparked worship around him. There are no rules for the father. “He doesn’t have to pay attention to anything. He doesn’t care.” He just does. This is his motto. The main thing is that he liked movies: “He does what he does like Udo Lindenberg.”

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Originally, the films were only for family get-togethers “with coffee and cake.” According to the slogan: “Today we will watch Dad’s latest movie.” Then a friend said they are great movies that more people should watch. Robert Sukro says the last movie should never end. In the appropriate frame, more than 80 films will be shown again and again in the future.

(He goes)

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