Brokenwood - Murder in New Zealand: Fatal Pursuit - ARD

Brokenwood – Murder in New Zealand: Fatal Pursuit – ARD

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The Brookenwood Murder in New Zealand: The Fatal Pursuit

A tragic accident or complex murder – that’s the question that TV crime drama “Tödliche Jagd” is all about. Neil Rhea as Detective Mike Shepherd and co-worker Sims, played by Vern Sutherland, are perplexed in their fourth condition and their lives are in danger during the investigation. The first season of the new series “Brokenwood – Murder in New Zealand” ends with the TV movie, which offers twists, turns, and an exciting confrontation. Green Island, famous for its forests and known to cinema fans from the Lord of the Rings movies, is a wonderful natural backdrop to the evolving crime story from screenwriter Timothy Palm’s pen. Police Chief Mike Shepherd (Neil Rea) and Detective Christine Sims (Vern Sutherland) are summoned on a fatal hunting expedition. In a wooded area near Brockenwood lies the dead Hayden (Francis Mountjoy), who wanted to celebrate an unusual farewell party with two friends. Shepard hears the two witnesses separately: testimony of Hayden’s longtime hunting companion Stint Baker (Ben Wright) indicates that Frankie “Frodo” Odys (Carl Willets) accidentally fired a fatal headshot. But Shepherd disputes this apparent suspicion, because circumstantial evidence does not fit together seamlessly. The possibility that the groom may have committed suicide is also meaningless to the inspector. Co-worker Sims voiced a completely different assumption: she suspects Hayden Kelly ‘fiancé (Jessica Joy Wood), who is an excellent shooter and clearly reveals little about herself during interrogation. When it turns out that Kelly was having an affair with Stent, the kill variable takes on a stronger meaning for Shepherd. During his interrogation, he surprisingly made contact with his mysterious girlfriend Tanya Stokes (Miriama McDowell), who works in the auto repair shop Rory Parks (Jared Turner). Shepherd discovers that he also has a special relationship with Hayden and Kelly.

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