Brigitte Macron is the victim of strange rumors - legal action has been taken

Brigitte Macron allegedly gave birth to a man: Premier Dam sued a magazine

There are wild theories that Brigitte Macron is a man. The wife of French President Emmanuel Macron does not want to put up with this – and she is said to be taking legal action.

Celebrity gossip has always been around. For some time now, some fans have been holding on to theories that actor Keanu Reeves is an immortal vampire, that singer Avril Lavigne was replaced by an actress years ago and that artist Tupac is alive. Brigitte Macron has now also fallen victim to such brilliant ideas.

A rumor has spread on the Internet that the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron has given birth to a man. This was reported by the French news anchor BFM TV, among others. The 68-year-old is allegedly born as “Jean-Michel Trognot”; So Trogneux will be her maiden name.

Macron wants to take legal action

Faits & Documents, which publishes conspiracy theories and is among the right-wing camp, published this assumption last September. The median is based on the results of a three-year study conducted by experts. Twitter accounts of anti-vaccination opponents and conspiracy theorists are said to have spread the speculation, especially in the past few weeks. So far there has been no solid evidence for the rough theory.

But as the daily La Figaro has now learned from Macron’s environment, it does not want to leave the lies unanswered. Instead, you plan to respond and take legal action.

Brigitte Macron is not the first politically involved person to be publicly denied. The gender identities of former first lady Michelle Obama and current New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern have also been called into question.

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