Bounedjah responds to Konate and Algeria equalizes

Bounedjah responds to Konate and Algeria equalizes

Yellow card for Ben Sabaini. He is suspended for the next match

Warning for the Algerian defender after a foul on Kabore. He will be suspended during the next match against Mauritania.

Algeria equation!!!

Bounedjah equalizes for the Foxes. Opportunistic after a blocked free kick from Belaili, the Algerian striker, from close range, pushes the ball back once Kofi pushes it back. Algeria is breathing better.

Algeria – Burkina Faso: 1-1

Double alert on the foxes' goal

Toure hits just above. Just before that, the Stallions had almost won over a wicked cross. The Foxes were hot.

here we go again

The Foxes have 45 minutes to show another face and above all to try to get back to the result or risk being in a very uncomfortable situation in this tournament.

Burkina Faso takes the lead at the end of the first half!

Thanks to Konate's stoppage-time goal, Burkina Faso led 1-0 over Algeria at the end of the first half. The stallions were harmless until this sudden impulse.

Bot for Burkina Faso!!!!

Incredible stallions! Konate shoots a header into the Foxes' goal. The referee rejects the goal first and then the authenticity of the goal is verified after resorting to VAR. Against the run of play, the Stallions opened the scoring in overtime and took a 1-0 lead over Algeria

Algeria – Burkina Faso: 0-1

Four minutes of stoppage time

Players suffering from the heat will have to play another four minutes.

The second big opportunity for Algeria

This time, it is Ghouli who forces Kofi to save a cross shot from the right side. Bounedjah takes the ball but misses completely.

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Already a change between stallions

He injured his ankle, so Guerra came out, and Ouedraogo came into play.

Guerra stays grounded

But the Stallions midfielder got up after a few minutes of downtime in play.

Great opportunity for Algeria!

Bounedjah takes advantage of Dayo's poor recovery to fire a shot wide of the Stallions' goal. It was very hot.

Tapsouba-Blaili duel during the match between Algeria and Burkina Faso © AFP

Sanjari, in turn, warned

A Burkina Faso player receives a yellow card due to a foul on Blayli. He is the second stallion to be notified after Nagalo. It's time for a refreshment break.

Bounedjah responded with a narrow margin

The Algerian striker almost found himself alone in front of the goal after a wonderful team move. The Stallions stop Bounedjah without committing any mistake.

Al-Balayli is very prominent

The former Brest and Ajaccio player is still working on attacking on the left side. Safe for Burkina Faso.

Yellow card for Nagalo

A Stallions defender was warned for setting his feet too high.

Bounedjah during the match between Algeria and Burkina Faso
Bounedjah during the match between Algeria and Burkina Faso © AFP

Algeria's possession of the ball is 72%.

The Foxes impose their technical superiority, but we are waiting for the first clear opportunity.

Great attempt from Blailey

Very eccentric on the left side, the Algerian is trying his luck. His shot into the net forces Kofi to make a good save. I'm not sure the shot was on target.

There is a lot of inaccuracy on the Algerian side

Like the two chances that were too long, the Foxes struggled to get close to Burkina Faso's goals.

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Small pace to start

The tempo is not very high in these first minutes. The Stallions' first header doesn't worry Mandria.

Starting !

Commitment to Algerians.

Let's go to the hymns

Burkina Faso will play in the green jersey, and the Algerians will play in the white jersey.

Algeria-Burkina Faso also broadcasts on 100% digital radio

You can also follow the match between Algeria and Burkina Faso live Radio can be 100% digital.

Group classification D

1-Burkina Faso 3 points (+1)

2-Algeria 1 (0)

3-Angola 1 (0-0)

4-Mauritania 0 (1-)

Bennacer is absent, so Ghouli replaces Chaybi

Ismail Bennacer, who has been declared doubtful due to injury, will not be on the squad for the match.

Formation of Algeria: Mandria – Attal, Mendy, Ben Sabaini, Ait Nouri – Ben Taleb, Zarrougui – Feghouli, Mahrez, Belaili – Bounedjah.

Formation of Burkina Faso: Kofi-Nagalo, Dayo, I. Kapori, Iago – E. Tapsoba, B. Touré, Guerra, J. Sangari – F. Tapsoba, M. Konate.

Good morning all

Welcome to RMC Sport to follow the live commentary on the second match against Algeria in the group stage of the African Cup of Nations. The Foxes, who tied with Angola (1-1) in their first match, must win against Burkina Faso to occupy the top spot in the group and take a step towards the round of 16.

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