African American Senator Tim Scott supports Donald Trump

African American Senator Tim Scott supports Donald Trump

He wants “4 more years.” Black U.S. Senator Tim Scott, who was briefly a candidate in the Republican primary, has backed highly favored candidate Donald Trump against challenger Nikki Haley.

The influential senator from South Carolina, whose governor Nikki Haley was governor, officially announced his support during a campaign rally for the former president on Friday evening in New Hampshire, a small state in the northeast that will vote on Tuesday in the Republican primary.

Potential vice president?

Tim Scott, the conservative Christian who dreamed of becoming the first black Republican president in the history of the United States, withdrew from the race last November without ever launching his campaign.

With her back against the wall facing the former president, the frontrunner, Nikki Haley, positioned herself this week as a bulwark against the “chaos” that, according to her, a new presidency for Donald Trump, such as Joe Biden.

The only woman eligible to run for the White House, Nikki Haley, the former United Nations ambassador under President Trump, will have to do very well in New Hampshire on Tuesday if she wants to replace the former president after his election victory. January 15: Iowa primaries. The Republican primary in South Carolina is scheduled for February 24.

Tim Scott is one of six preferred candidates chosen by Donald Trump to be his vice presidential nominee. We find believers like the Chosen One New York Elise Stefanik, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, entrepreneur and former candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. But Donald Trump could choose to open up to the moderate wing of the party Tim ScottOr even Nikki Haley.

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