Boudjellal and Lafond are angry: “What do we do? Give everyone a red card?!”

Boudjellal and Lafond are angry: “What do we do? Give everyone a red card?!”

Eurosport consultant Jean-Baptiste Lafond spoke about refereeing during the World Cup.

He does not understand at all why the video referee did not play his role during the World Cup.

He expresses his anger. Extracts:

“It’s not defending the Black team, but I have the impression that the yellow cards are red now. There’s so much danger! We see Sam Keane putting his arm, working his arm… the same thing happens with Kolisi after that! I felt like the dugout wasn’t going to let the red card go for the next time.” 2. Honestly, it’s the best way to win the final!

The referee, before he is a referee, is a man and cannot see beyond the rocks. He doesn’t have eyes in his back and that’s why we invented the video assistant. But during this World Cup, the video assistant has been more of a Silence of the Lambs than anything else. There is such a variance in interventions that it is unbelievable! De Klerk steps behind the audience, everyone sees him, and there are eight screens! The men do not see De Klerk’s progress. They did not see that in the final action, Smith places his hands before scratching. When I see young people behind their screens, I wonder what they are doing!

The video assistant must sound for the central referee! You have to check it out! Even if the match lasts two hours, the stakes are too great… The protest between South Africa and England must be checked! A collective decision is better than a unilateral decision. Video help don’t hesitate! They’re in their chair, on their bus, and they don’t see the attackers?

For his part, Mourad Boudjellal, former head of the Chinese Communist Party, confirms this point. Extracts:

“From my personal experience, I know that the team that receives the red card can win the final. If every time in this World Cup when there is a header we had to give a red card, the Rugby League World Cup would have ended in the Rugby Sevens World Cup After that, there are decisions that are made. But we cannot put red on every contact! There are more or less violent contacts.

Do you want us to see the ending up close? I found 25 contacts in your head! What do we do? Do we give everyone red?

At the end of the final match, Ian Foster said a beautiful sentence in a press conference to talk about refereeing. It is one thing to read it, but if we translate it into the Tulunid language, it means that we were “wronged” by the referee! But in New Zealand it’s more polite. New Zealanders believe refereeing cost them the World Cup but they say so in a polite way.

Referees are incompetent or do not want to see mistakes. Or they have an earphone in their ear. We don’t know who is on the end of the headset. I don’t believe in incompetence!

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