Bohemian Forest – a wilderness in central Europe

Bohemian Forest – a wilderness in central Europe

Rising in the Bohemian Forest, the Vltava River is home to primeval forests, soaring swamps and rushing torrents. This ancient region, which also includes the Bavarian Forest, was long considered mysterious and impenetrable. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, residents of the Bavarian border have discovered new connections with these extraordinary forests.

Pavel Hubeni, whose life is an integral part of the forest, is the head of the Šumava National Park. He is committed to ensuring that the forest grows for future generations and is not interfered with by humans.
This vision of the primeval forest is also shared by forester Klaus Bassler, who wants to counter species extinction by felling trees to create artificial deadwood and thus create new habitat for rare beetles and fungi.

On the Vltava River lies the city of Český Krumlov, the “pearl of the Bohemian forest” with its Baroque theater and completely preserved stage technology from the 17th century. Here, director Zuzana Vrbova enchants people from all over the world with her productions.

In addition to agriculture, it was the abundance of forests that primarily ensured the livelihoods of the inhabitants of the Bohemian Forest – including the carpenter Philipp von Manz, who processed local timber for his clients throughout Germany.

Veterinarian Judith Gollner, who grew up in the Austrian part of the Bohemian Forest, had lived in Vienna for a long time and consciously decided to return. She loves people and is proud of her “farmers’ wives” who share her love of the Bohemian forest.

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