Bodies of children found in suitcases: suspects arrested in South Korea

Bodies of children found in suitcases: suspects arrested in South Korea

The horrific state of children’s corpses in bags being auctioned off in New Zealand It caused a stir weeks ago – now a woman suspect has been arrested in South Korea. The 42-year-old is suspected of killing the two children whose remains were found in the bags. The woman was on a Thursday night (local time). flat in said a police official in the southeastern port city of Ulsan. She was wanted under an arrest warrant at the request of the New Zealand Police. It was not known at first if it was the mother.

The national news agency Yonhap reported that the woman denied the allegations when she was about to be transferred to Seoul. The suspect is a New Zealand citizen who once held South Korean citizenship. The woman is said to have entered South Korea in 2018.

The bags containing the remains of the two children appeared to have been stored in a storage room in New Zealand for years until an unsuspecting family bought the bags and opened the bags last week. According to the New Zealand police, the children may have died several years ago. When they died, they were between five and ten years old.

New Zealand: The family auctioned the bags along with the children’s bodies

The family, from an Auckland suburb, acquired two bags, along with a trailer loaded with household items, at an auction of stock items whose owners could no longer be traced. The family is not a suspect in the case, New Zealand police explained last week.

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In order to clarify the issue, the police Hours of recordings from security cameras have now been evaluated. Because the children died so long ago, important passages could have been deleted long ago. The warehouse where the bags were kept and the family home to which they were moved after the auction have also been checked by criminal investigators.

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