BLU-RAY 2/2021: "Godzilla vs. Kong"

BLU-RAY 2/2021: “Godzilla vs. Kong”

We live in crazy times! Can you imagine what it is like when there is nothing to plan? Film distributors are understandably delaying many new movies and Blu-ray releases. However, our new BLU-RAY magazine is still at the booth.

Additionally, Corona also partially delays the Blu-ray production itself. All this in turn causes a delay or even a halt in submitting the Blu-ray review … that we want to test for our magazine. This means rescheduling should always be flexible.


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However, you carry our latest release in your hands, and it’s full of mega content – in the truest sense of the word, because we just got their profiles for “Godzilla vs. Kong” on the cover. For the magazine interviews, I was allowed to contact people from all over the world who would rather take the time to answer my questions: Germany (Max Huang), Indonesia (Joe Delivery), USA (Millie Bobby Brown, Adam Weingard), New Zealand (Julian Dennison) . And another person said that Corona leads to isolation. I learned from this that you need a lot of enthusiasm and self-confidence to become a movie or martial arts star, that my VO2Max value can be improved, and that New Zealand accent sounds cooler (if not more understandable) than German. And that high-budget cinematic films may be an endangered species, which is indicated by, among other things, the solicitation of concern and optimism at the end of Adam Wingard’s interview.

There is still a lot to laugh about, especially when you look at the new Blu-ray box “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” with its great nonsense and comedic graphics of the famous British. Jesus Rolls “The Big Lebowski” surprised me personally because it is a remake of the French Gérard Depardieu erotic comedy “Les Valseuse” (1974). There are also quite a few epidemic movies in the magazine, in case you don’t have enough of the ubiquitous topic, and there are a lot of things worth reading on topics like: B. P. Lovecraft, “Japanese Erotica,” “Video Games in Movies,” and “Steelbooks.” So I wish you good health, because the mess of planning is nothing but a small price to pay for the most important good in life, and enjoy the surf!

BLU-RAY MAGAZINE 2/2021 is available everywhere in the kiosk in addition to being updated and can be reordered via Buying a brochure And Amazon. Or ask for one Subscription. We are very happy with every new subscriber! Also visit Facebook account.

You can read this in BLU-RAY 2/2021:


  • Editorial
  • FilmNews
  • Really cool comics


  • Titelthema: Godzilla Vs. Hong
  • Test of the month: the magic of dreams
  • Sinful Tokyo: The Pink Movies
  • Monty Python Flying Circus
  • Cosmic Sin: Bruce Willis and the Science Fiction Dies
  • Video games in movies and series
  • Mortal Kombat: Interviews with Actors
  • Country of Love – Cthulhu & Rassismus
  • Horror Little School: Early Movies
  • The Portrait: Heinz Romain (Part 2)
  • Crucifixion Books and Titans of Worship

Blu-ray tests

  • Claim
    Dream Magic, Secret Garden, Just One Life, The Rider, Fukushima, Capone, Enfant Terrible, The Racer, and tomorrow the whole world, after the truth
  • comedy
    Jesus Rolls, Mrs. Taylor’s Singing Club, God You Can Be Lately, Faking Nonsense, Silence of Mutton, Monty Python Flying Circus, Chick Fights, It’s Your Best, Baby, Donkey and Me, Bulletproof 2
  • Vitality
    Batman – Dragon Soul, Lupine III – TV Special, Attack OnTitan (Staffel 3.1), Captain Tsubasa (2018) Vol. 1, Dragonball Z Movies Vol. 3, automated angel
  • Science Fiction
    Cosmic Sin, Jiu Jitsu, Jules Verne – Light at the End of the World, Skyfire
  • Thriller
    Forgiven, stay alive, pollution, death
  • Serie A
    Germany ’89, Charité (season 3), The Last Kingdom (Season 4), Flash (Season 6), Lovecraft Country (Season 1), Bodyguard (Season 1), The Professionals (Season 1), You Shall Not Lie (season 1), Hausen (season 1), World On Fire (Season 1), Anne With An E (Season 3)
  • horror
    Infection, Carmella, Blumhouse’s Der Hexenklub, Maniacs, Killers
  • Retro
    Doctor Who – Doctor Four – Meglos, Inferno, in Intoxication of the Depths, Johanna von Orleans, Subway, Nobody Hits Like Don Camillo
  • Super accurate
    Blade Funeral Prince Bride, American Werewolf

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