Blocksy How to adjust the spacing between Gutenberg blocks

Blocksy How to adjust the spacing between Gutenberg blocks

Maybe you've noticed that. OccasionallyDistance between Gutenberg blocks via Blocksy Either too far apart or too narrow. It is often desirable to be able to do so Change the distance between Gutenberg blocks. In order to aerate the content or, on the contrary, to make it more compact.

Let's find out today too How to change the space between Gutenberg blocks on Blocksy. Flexible, reliable and popular WordPress theme 🙂

How to change the spacing between Gutenberg blocks on Blocksy

If you feel like the content on your pages and posts is too narrow or too spaced out, this configuration item likely needs to change. It turns out that the Blocksy WordPress theme allows you to adjust this space between native Gutenberg blocks in WordPress.

So how do we do that?

Go to your WordPress dashboard and click appearance Finally click on ” PersonalizeThis will open the Blocksy theme's native customization tool.

Then, once you click on the original customizer, look at the top for the item “ general » As follows in the screenshot:

Next, once the General page opens, click on the fifth item called “Publish Content” as shown below in the screenshot:

This configuration item only has two very simple parts in the visual customization of Blocksy. You will find :

  • Content space : Adjust spacing between Gutenberg blocks.
  • Types of links : To customize the appearance of your links in the content

In our case today, this is the first element that will serve us. Let's take a closer look at this block space configuration element:

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You will understand that to adjust the spacing between your Gutenberg blocks as you want, you will have to open the “Content Spacing” drop-down menu that has 4 choices:

  • no one
  • Built-in
  • comfortable
  • Spacious

To get a result that is as close as possible to your requirements and expectations, I advise you to try them all via the preview on the right of the screen. Feel free to test spacing on several different pieces of content, especially those that mix images and text.

You will see that check” no one » It will give you a somewhat visually undrinkable result. Because there will be no distancing. Another extreme option is ” Spacious“Because it really suits him.” Add plenty of space between blocks. Especially between two paragraphs of text or an image and a text.

Note that in Yes We Blog, I preferred to put the “compact” option so that the content remains spaced out but not overdone 🙂

My Blocksy edits not showing up yet?

It remains very rare for Blocksy edits not to appear in the following seconds on the front end. Even with cache. However, if after several minutes your changes don't appear on your site, empty your website cache (Litespeed, WP Rocket, etc.) and double-check that the space between Gutenberg blocks has actually changed 🙂

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That's it !

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