According to science, these first names are the names of the most intelligent people

According to science, these first names are the names of the most intelligent people

The EduBirdie platform has published In January 2023, a study was conducted on the first names most often associated with people with high IQs. The academic writing and assistance site analyzed more than 900 first names of members of Mensa (the international association for individuals with exceptional intellectual abilities, editor's note) as well as the names of Nobel Prize winners and famous scientists.

Genius from birth?

The aim of the study was to determine the most common first names among those individuals considered “geniuses.” To do this, each occurrence of the first name was counted – taking into account diminution and orthographic variants. For example, Will events are merged into William events and Tom events are merged into Thomas. This methodology made it possible to create a list of twenty names that would be synonymous with increased intelligence.

List of boys names © EduBirdie

Among men, the first name John (or Jean in French) rises to the top of this ranking. Obviously, we think of intellectual figures like John Locke, Jean Dormesson, Jean-Paul Sartre, or even Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The first names Robert and William rank second and third respectively. They are also very popular first names in history, which also explains their presence in this category.

John and Mary

Although the list contains more male names, several female names also stand out in EduBirdie's study. At the top of the list is the first name Marie, which is often associated with Marie Curie, the pioneer of radioactivity and the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. Elizabeth – reminiscent of Queen Elizabeth II – and Helen complete the catwalk. Other female first names such as Susan, Ada, Barbara, Irene, Jane and Nadia are highlighted.

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If Elon (Musk) isn't on your list of genius names, are you?

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