Blizzard talks about the next evolution of Heroes of the Storm – Heroes of the Storm

In an article just published, Blizzard talked about further development of hEros Storm. This item will still have seasons, hero rotations, and balance adjustments, but the title will no longer receive new content. Page is running for the Nexus.

In June we celebrated the seventh anniversary of Heroes of the Storm. This combination of mythical characters from our multiverse created a unique experience. Heroes and their community are home to some of the most passionate gamers from around the world, and we’re committed to making sure you can enjoy your Nexus adventures for a long time to come.

We will continue to care about heroes as we do with our other long-running games, StarCraft and StarCraft II. We will continue with the season changes and the rotation of champions. The in-game store will remain operational, but we are no longer planning to add new purchasable content. Future updates will focus on patching and client durability, not to mention any necessary balancing.

Thank you, in next week’s patch we will be giving away the coveted saga Arcane Lizard to all players and gamers.

We would like to thank our heroes community from the bottom of our hearts. You are still part of our most passionate community. We are honored by your loyalty and unwavering support. And as always: See you very soon on the Nexus!

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