1000tipla from Vilebrequin ready to put you into orbit

1000tipla from Vilebrequin ready to put you into orbit

Totally crazy project for crankshaft I really started to resent. The 1,000 HP Fiat Multipla has been revealed with most of the work done.

At the end of 2020, Sylvain Levy and Pierre Chabrier of the YouTube channel Vilebrequin launched a fund to finance the 1,000-horsepower setup on the Multipla AMG (basic name). They had hoped to raise 50,000 euros to complete the project, but they finally got more than 1 million euros thanks to their generous community.

So the project took on a larger scope than expected and after so many months of waiting, they finally managed to give us a real glimpse of the Multipla AMG that became the 1000tipla by Michelin at Their YouTube video was posted on Thursday, July 7th.

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Sylvain Levy (left) and Pierre Chabrier (right) ready to spin the 1,000 horsepower out of this 100% tuning Multipla.

After many crazy collaborations with companies and professionals from all over the world to assemble this 1000tipla watch, we were finally able to see the first pictures of this semi-finished car, save for a few details.

1000tipla from Michelin Vilebrequin has a real face

Instagram vbrequin

The semi-finished version of the 1000tipla from Michelin.

After waiting several months to get body parts from a tuning specialist in Japan and plenty of other custom-made parts like rims or tires, it finally ended up with a few details: signatures of award winning entrants and some finishing touches including a Pagani-style exhaust pipe. .

Therefore, this project is mainly sponsored by Michelin, who provided custom tires for this watch on wheels.

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In their YouTube video scheduled for Thursday, July 14, the final edits should be complete and they’ll finally start playing this crazy machine that can’t go unnoticed. We leave you two more photos of the 1000tipla so that you can enjoy the most famous work of assembling such a car.

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The fin of the 1000tipla is quite massive.

Instagram vbrequin

We get the introduction to the classic Fiat Multipla, with a little tuning.

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