Blizzard announces Paradise in Peril, the second expansion for Pegasus – Hearthstone

Blizzard announces Paradise in Peril, the second expansion for Pegasus – Hearthstone

A strong blizzard has just been announced Heaven is in dangerthe second expansion Hearthstone From the year Pegasus. In the program, the key word is tourism, refreshing drinks, lush destinations as well as the legendary Marin are now available. Find all the information below!

Heaven is in danger

The new extension to Hearthstone

Old bastard Marin has underlined his activities and started running a tourist complex! Located in the heart of the magnificent Spiral Islands, the Marin Settlement is Azeroth's newest vacation spot, and it has it all: colorful attractions, tourist traps, and even a few of Marin's old pirate acquaintances. So, prepare your bags and your road map, it will soon be time to join Paradise in Danger.

Paradise in Peril will be released on July 23 with 145 new cards! Find the full reveal schedule for Paradise in Peril and all the cards already revealed in Card catalogue. Check back regularly so you don't miss anything!

New keyword: tourism

The Marin Settlement is the most important new attraction in Azeroth. Each class benefits from a Legendary Tourist Card that allows them to visit another class while building a deck. Place your tourist in your deck and the cards of his destination category will be automatically integrated into the deck building interface. You can then add them to your deck as if they were cards from your class, with the exception of the Tourist Card; It's not an eclectic vacation, after all!


Here are the destinations for each category:

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Refreshing drinks

So grab a delicious drink to cool down while enjoying the sunshine. The Marin establishment offers six different types of drinks, and you can even refill them yourself twice!


Dream destinations

Marin Resort also offers all kinds of attractions around the island, including six special places you'll want to see again and again. If you meet the conditions, these tourist traps will open early just for you!


The Sailor the Leader login bonus is now available!

Marin would like to personally invite you to the opening of Paradise in Danger. Log in now to get the Legendary Server in charge.* It will help you make your vacation an unforgettable one.


*Limited to one copy per account. After Update 30.6, Commander Sailor will be awarded by opening your first set of Paradise in Peril cards and not by logging in.

Advance Purchase Paradise in Jeopardy!

The Paradise in Peril Mega Pack includes 80 packs, 10 gold packs, one random signature legendary card, and one random gold legendary card from Paradise in Peril, plus the Hakkar Hound Trainer heroic model and card background!


The Paradise in Peril pack includes 60 decks, 2 random Paradise in Peril legendary cards, and a Hakkar back card!


Pre-purchase is available until the expansion launches on July 23. Start your preparations now for stress-free travel!

Advance purchase

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