After performing Alone in the Dark, Pieces Interactive closes its doors |  X-Box

After performing Alone in the Dark, Pieces Interactive closes its doors | X-Box

Founded in 2007 and known for its work on Magicka, Titan Quest, the recent Alone in the Dark, and many other games, today we learned that Pieces Interactive has just joined the long list of studios closing their doors.

Pieces Interactive is closing its doors after the failure of Alone in the Dark

After releasing more than a dozen games on PC, consoles and mobile phones, the studio that was bought by Embracer Group in 2017 is now forced to close its doors. No details about this brutal announcement have been circulated, except for a sad photo recalling the period when the studio was open and reading, “Thank you for playing with us.”

In the latest financial report published by Embracer Group, we learned that although Alone in the Dark received a positive reception from users, in contrast to the mixed reception from the press, the game's performance was far below management's expectations.

After the closure of Free Radical Design and Volition, Pieces Interactive has become a new victim of the changes made by Embracer Group, while last month we learned that the restructuring plan had been “successfully completed”. It remains to be seen whether this closure was planned as part of the restructuring or will happen afterwards.

After several delays, Alone in the Dark finally saw the light of day last March. You can also find our test here, or even play the game on Xbox Series

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