Bledisloe Rugby Cup analysis, highlights, New Zealand beat Australia

Bledisloe Rugby Cup analysis, highlights, New Zealand beat Australia

For all the good the Wallabies have done, they will look back on what could have been.

Former Wallaby Justin Harrison, the second rower present when Australia last won in New Zealand against the All Blacks, managed to leave a huge opportunity off the field in the 44th minute.

With the Wallabies 21-15 in the back, the All Blacks fell to a man, Michael Hooper picked the sideline and then everyone got up in the gut as they lost their spin and the wheels went off.

“If you’re a wallaby, you think ‘what if’ then…” Harrison said. Stan Sport After the missing team, a missed penalty kick ensued.

“You think about more pressure, you have to increase the pressure of the scoreboard, of course, (with) the yellow card, it’s attractive, go to the side, think defeat, try. Think about the points, think about the pressure of the scoreboard, it’s very easy for me. For all Blacks.They are good at getting out of their half with good, simple plays. Well done for All Blacks.

The All Blacks scored 22 points in the 20 minutes after the break to blow up the match and 57-22 Bledisloe Cup win, 19th straight win.

The Wallabies still put in a number of good performances, but they will remember the strange moments that saw the All Blacks blow their opponents across the Tasman River. Moments like interception of passes and running out of the line to attack the ball at the base of the scrum lead to critical attempts.

Here are the players’ ratings from Wallabies’ loss of 35 points.

Michael Hooper is staring at the Bledisloe Cup, which will be held on New Zealand soil for 19 consecutive years. Photo: Getty ImagesFonte: Getty Images

Tom Banks – 5.5

Quiet, but didn’t do much and was safe under the high ball.

The highlight of Banks’ game was a fine pass and pass to send Andrew Killaway to score the Wallabies’ third attempt.

Andrew Killaway – 8

After the Wallabies lost their kickoff, it was Kellaway’s superb shot on Damian McKenzie that forced a foul.

The Wallabies winger, who scored his first goal in the first Test, scored again in the eighth minute when he showed his composure to fire in Noah Loliseo’s cross and beat the New Zealand defense to score.

Then he made a nice shot on the right flank in the 45th minute, when he was heading towards the wing.

He then scored the Wallabies’ third attempt, snatching the ball from behind and scoring.

He dropped the last pass that led the All Blacks to score his last attempt, but the match is now over and even then he was one of the best Wallabies.

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Australian Andrew Killaway scored two goals in the match that Bledslawie lost. Photo: AFPFonte: AFP

Bisame Hunter – 6

Again, there was a lot to like about Paisami, but he will be remembered when he faced Will Jordan and merged into the connection in the 65th minute. It was a poor play when he had a teammate inside him near the middle of the lap. The next minute, the All Blacks seized the moment.

Except for that killer coach moment, which he tended to do in his childhood as a test rugby player, there was plenty of goodness from Paisami across the field.

Matt To’omua – 4

The veteran insider was called along with the starter to calm down and make the right decisions.

Unfortunately, To’omua will remember his primary mistake, playing deep from attack with another player behind him chosen by Sevu Reece to score the decisive fourth attempt for the All Blacks.

The match ended at that moment with the All Blacks leading 38-15.

In the comment, Sean Maloney summed it up best: “They won’t learn.” fact.

Later, in the 82nd minute, he kicked the field goalless and gave the All Blacks a chance to put the cherries ahead. they made

Marica Corbett – 7

Intensity and a bucket of it.

He made some excellent defensive shots at the start.

He won the kickoff early in the second half to put the Wallabies in front.

He quickly made a big move in the 51st minute.

Noah Lolisio had moments that he would rather forget for the sake of the Wallaby family. Photo: Getty ImagesFonte: Getty Images

Noah Lolisio – 4

When two 10- and 12-year-olds wrestle, he says everything you ever wanted to know about the game.

Lolisio’s clever shot across the field in front of Killaway showed his skill level, as well as his 78th minute support from Nick White’s shoulder after Michael Hopper shined.

But then there was a passing interception in the fifth minute when the Wallabies didn’t win the right to play for the show.

His decision to go high rather than go down in the 31st minute allowed the All Blacks to put themselves in a position to score as well – they did, with the All Blacks leading 21-8.

Tate McDermott had her best match with gold. Photo: Getty ImagesFonte: Getty Images

Tate McDermott – 8.5

Best return ever for Wallabies.

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Everything the Wallabies did well in the first half came thanks to McDermott’s speed, confidence in front of the goal line, skillful kicks and a competitive edge.

The attempt to open the string of arrows came from the base of the disc.

Then he took two large set pieces to put pressure on the All Blacks.

He also finished the time with great fanfare by scoring goals.

The horror show in the second half came not because of McDermott being replaced in the middle, but because of the moments he scratched his head from his teammates.

McDermott is the kind of player Wallabies need to keep investing and building a side around them.

Rob Valetini – 6

Except for running off the line before the All Blacks’ second attempt after the Lachey Swinton Tour, Valetini performed very well.

The defensive rower carried the ball superbly throughout the match.

Michael Hooper was one of the best Wallabies. Photo: AFPFonte: AFP

Michael Hooper (c) – 8

Wallabies’ best advance is one mile.

Hopper made an attempt to save Reese in the 14th minute.

His amazing 36-minute follow-up run when he landed and wasn’t caught two more times hit 30 meters and made a second attempt for the Wallabies.

As it turns out, his decision to invite the team twice was also golden, as the Wallabies scored in the first half.

He’ll look back and think about whether he did the same, or took the points, when he decided to start in the 42nd minute after Ardie Savea’s yellow card – a row lost by the Wallabies, which set the tone for a terrible second half.

He later broke in the 64th and 78th minutes, but Hopper’s 82nd minute speed and pace were shown when he bounced off some splinters and ended up jumping the ball.

Lachey Swinton – 5

Not the first time, Dave Rennie might be wondering if starting a player who hasn’t played in a while is the right decision.

Last week it was Jordan Pattaya, maybe this week Swinton.

Physically Swinton played with a bit of brutality, but the falling ball was crucial in the first half when the All Blacks made a save and Brody Rittock scored.

Matt Filippo – 6

The siege of the Wallabies made a decisive turn in the first half as he ran through rolling shots and his Bascom team won in the 5-meter streak.

It was a great moment for the man of line and attack.

Darcy Swain struggled in the second test for Bledeslow. Photo: Getty ImagesFonte: Getty Images

Darcy Swain – 4

Another match in which Swain suffered.

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The Lockdown Brumbies would be a great player, but Ned Hanigan has a hunch about the decision to keep Swain.

First-year players are often unable to sustain one performance after another and the temptation is to keep going, while perhaps the long-term advantage is to give them back some performance.

Swain dropped his kickoff, hit the line once, sprinted away early in the second half, and shortly thereafter continued to attack the ball at the base of the kick and allowed the All Blacks to make two regular hits at one of them, Aaron. Smith took both hands for a breakthrough in the 46th minute.

Allan El Aluta – 6.5

In a strong opening inning, the scrum was an even match and the Wallabies were an excellent midfield.

Brandon Bayinga-Amosa’s side, losing at the start of the second half, changed the rules of the game. Photo: Getty ImagesFonte: Getty Images

Brandon Benga – Show .5

The Queensland Reds’ prostitute will repeat leaving time and time again.

If the Wallabies had won the playoffs in the 42nd minute and scored goals, it would have been a different story for the Wallabies.

Instead, as Harrison said, the moment will pass as one of the greatest “what ifs.”

Elsewhere, Paenga-Amosa was very good.

But the sport is about winning the big moments and his team was a huge achievement.

Pantovola James – 6.5

Like the first grader Alaalatoa, Slipper did well without doing anything flashy.


Giordano them – 2

This wasn’t a veil that Jules would have looked on fondly.

It’s always hard to happen when your team is in pain, but Ulysses played his part a lot.

One of his first posts was shared with Scott Siu where the front line substitutes were very passive near their streak and allowed Codie Taylor to score his second attempt.

Then he lost a shot from the front line in the 63rd minute.

Then Ulysses – like Swain before him – tried to steal the ball from the player’s base, but instead pressed his wing in the 65th minute creating a hole for the All Blacks and their opponents by catching him while Will Jordan scored.

Then Ulysses lost the ball in the 82nd minute.

Scott Siu – 3

It was a strange decision to upgrade Sio to Angus Bell which was great and the call backfired.

Sio does not play from Super Rugby and is out.

The Wallabies fought with him on the field during his comeback.

Taniela Topo – 5

He received a free kick from his opening kick, but the penalty kick came later from Seo with a big angle.

Tupou had a strong run or two, but the match ended when Tupou was injected into the match.

Lukhan Salakaia-Loto – 3.5

Largely ineffective after a rare appearance on the seat.

Harry Wilson – 5

He made a few balls off the bench, but again the game was over when he replaced Swinton.

Nick White – 4.5

A good time or two, including a mid-range break inside the Hopper.

But the game is over.

Lin Ikitao – 4.5

A smart kick in the left boot in the second half, but a late appearance.

Hodge Race – N/A

He arrived late and Mr. Mutlaq cleaned up some of the mess his teammates had made.

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