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The black pill didn’t have to prove anything anymore. Since the end of the 90’s they have shown that Roots Reggae from New Zealand can also do something. For the eight-piece band, that meant double-platinum hit albums, world tours, and loyal fans. On their new album, “Love & Fire,” they deliver serene feelings and hopeful melodies to a world that has been stuck in a pandemic for over two years. The pandemic also affected how the band worked on their album: the members exchanged views over video calls and then put the songs together like Lego bricks.

Family and teamwork

“Love & Fire” isn’t a pandemic album per se, but it’s not a party record either. The Black Seeds are now older: Family life and love come to the fore: Songwriter Barnaby Weir sings about finding a way out of dark thoughts together or about the importance of justice. He says love can overcome any distance and celebrates childhood memories. Overall, the album is about taking a deep breath, sorting out life and enjoying the sun, passion and passion.

Warm sounds and sad melodies

The Black Seeds lend their well known sound to roots reggae, dub beats, pacific soul and funk. There are also some modern moments. But there are also many warm sounds in the sad melodies. Synthesizers, horns, bass lines and a good beat inspire you to dance along – or at least swing. “Love and Fire” is a powerful one A summer album that you can easily splash around at a pool party with as a reminder of community, love, and togetherness.

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