Best wishes ... Fabio Spallarossa -

Best wishes … Fabio Spallarossa –

Welcome 10 questions for your next birthday to

1 Happy birthday, how will you celebrate today?

With my family and with my friends.

2 How do you experience this difficult time for all of us?

I try to keep my life as normal as possible in the light of this moment by working in an environment that engages me a lot and reserves space for my intellectual and athletic passions.

3 Step Back: More Memories, Regrets, or Regrets in Your Football Career?

I have many good memories like promoting Certosa Riesi and Merlino that connected me with people who are still important in my life.

4 What team were you most fond of?

I would say Merlin March 8th where I played 7 seasons.

5 After 10 years, where do you see yourself: still “on the field”, and in what role?

I haven’t been on the field in a few years, but I am excited about the role of coach and coach in my future.

6 What is the most beautiful and important thing you learned or left you in the world of football? And the ugliest?

Football has given me so much. In particular the feeling of responsibility towards myself and my comrades. Football is a game but it also engages in common goals and sacrifices so the sense of responsibility must be high to achieve results. The worst was my inability to manage relationships with coaches at times, which would have made me do something more in my career.

7 – What is football to you?

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Football is a union, a passion, and a desire to always show something to oneself and others. I have always tried to improve certain skills at any time in my career.

8 – Favorite singer and / or favorite song?

Queen H, don’t stop me now

9 – Favorite dish?

Pizza and pasta with pesto

10- Vacation of your dreams: Tell me where you have been already or where you want to go.

Ancient Egypt is the place I have been and where I will return a thousand times over. I would really like to go to Australia and New Zealand as soon as possible.

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