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Best TV series from New Zealand

While we had Australia Day about two weeks ago, today it is our little neighbor New Zealand. Waitangi Day is New Zealand’s national holiday, and it has been a public holiday since 1974. The signing of New Zealand’s founding document, the Treaty of Waitangi, in 1840 commemorates the signing of the island’s indigenous peoples’ right to their land and the land of a British citizen. But it didn’t work well either … More on this in these New Zealand documents.

Without delving into the great geography lessons: New Zealand consists of a northern and southern island and a few small islands around them. If you are looking for it on the globe, it is best to turn it half a turn and look past Australia on tall land. The country of approximately 4.8 million people is a sovereign state member of the Commonwealth of Nations with a parliamentary democracy. This is what you need to know.

Oh, yeah, almost: you make exceptionally good series that don’t always reach us! Some of those exceptions are definitely The Brokenwood Mysteries and Xena: Warrior Princess, some of which were produced with the help of American broadcasters, for example,Hercules“Shannara Chronicles, the Voyage of the Concordes, and the Legend of the Scholar. But those really were.”The most important imports of the series“From New Zealand between 1995 and today, we can see or have seen it at all. Not much …

Let’s start with one or two very unknown series, all of which are awesome, then struggle our way to the well known (re) n series. Here we start with Xena on page four …

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By the way, those who love small and gorgeous pearls from all over the world can soon take part in our new podcast series’Pearl SeriesListen to. Here we present a series that no one in this country knows about.

Honorable Mention

Series “Outrageous wealth‘, Which has at least reached the UKSeparate names „TrustworthyPlus a US company called Mascots. Series “Worship“It was intended to be a replacement for Lost. The three seasons of the broken-down drama series have crossed 800 national boundaries, which can’t be said about Golden – this was about an overweight rower. The top of the co-production should be seen though.

Best TV series from New Zealand

Wellington Paranormal

Dependent Tractor:

What is the theme of the Wellington Paranormal series?

Wellington Paranormal is a satirical New Zealand comedy comedy series in which Sgt Ruawai Maaka of the Wellington Police Department summons the Minogue and O’Leary officers to solve paranormal events in the New Zealand capital. In a police reality show style, the series features Kiwi cops investigating issues such as possession of a demonic teen, a noise complaint in a haunted house, and theft of a blood bank.

Who is in the Wellington paranormal series?

In the New Zealand series, Mike Minogue as Officer Minogue, Karen O’Leary as Officer O’Leary and Maaka Pohatu in the role of Sergeant Ruawai Maaka to see.

Who is behind the Wellington Paranormal Series?

Series “Wellington Paranormal“Comes from that Author Jemaine Clement. Along with Taika Waititi, Paul Yates, Melanie Brasewell, Nick Ward, Amanda Allison, Mike Minogue, Karen O’Leary and Maka Pohatu, he formed the team of authors. The series is produced by Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi and Paul Yates. Production company New Zealand Documentary Council The series was produced on behalf of TV2 NZ. It is broadcast in New Zealand on TV2 NZ. There is no German broadcaster or broadcast service with the series.

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Wellington Paranormal“Spin-off of the movie”What do we do in the shadows“, In Germany “5 coffin kitchen(Who always comes up with those German movie titles?), As of 2014 and it’s the franchise’s first TV series. The main characters in the production also appeared as a pair of unwary policemen in the movie.

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