Benson Stanley (ex-ASM Clermont) n

Benson Stanley (formerly Claremont) didn’t sign at Clermontois: ‘It was just a support for the club’

Sometimes there are jokes that bypass us. Benson Stanley witnessed this in June of this year, following a bona fide interest in ASM Clermont data analyst Vincent Goodlier. In the video of the New Zealand winger, we watched Stade Clermontois draped over his shoulders, throwing: “Come on guys, I’m happy to sign with you guys. I’m coming next year, we’ll just put the caramel on.”

The club even claimed in the post that they had signed the former ASM Claremont player. Except that no, Benson Stanley will not be playing for Clermontwise. The story behind this video is best told by the director with a touch of humor.

Funny Video

“I certainly didn’t get a license with Stade Clermontois. Vince gave me the club shirt at the end of work, when I was going home. He said ‘send a little message to my friend.’ I said to myself ‘why not, I’m happy to help.'” Except I thought “It was just for her friend. The next week I got a lot of congratulatory texts. At first I wondered what they were talking about. He told the club, I think they knew it was a joke. It was just support for the club, not a future signature,” Benson Stanley said, with a smile on his face. .

excellent Rebound under the sign of change in ASM Clermont

So no prestigious Stade Clermontois signature, but a good publicity stunt that might attract some enviable players to play with former ASM Clermont winger. They must finally be disappointed in their first training.

Interview by Jason Cotard

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