ASM Clermont : Wesley Fofana vu par les supporters et ses anciens coéquipiers

ASM Clermont: Watch Wesley Fofana by his former supporters and teammates

“It’s the end of a great player’s story,” Benson Stanley said when discussing his former teammate’s retirement between 2012 and 2017. Five years together with Wesley Fofana who marked the new winger – Zeelanders, in particular, Meet. “He has always performed well, especially in the final against Toulon in Ireland (he lost the Champions Cup final 16-15 in 2013). When he was fit, he was untouchable. That game, everything he did was successful.

An extraordinary player who saw his body fade little by little with a final bicep injury on April 30 against Stade Français (29-26), his last professional game now. Arthur Etoria admits, “His body was on edge. His situation was very difficult for him, and he was a bit sensitive about everyone. He would certainly be happier that way, relaxed.” Sebastian Vahamahina said: “It is a shame that he ended up with such an injury, and that we did not We can take advantage of his qualities a little more.”

“One of the young men who knew how to seize his opportunity”

The physical errors fueled an unfortunate history with Wesley Fofana which led to the 34-year-old winger retiring. “Given the injuries he sustained for 3-4 years, it makes sense for him to stop. It was the best decision,” said Judge Christian Boningigny, a follower of the Holy Shrines, like most supporters on the edge of the park for this payback. But what is Wesley Fofana’s place in Auvergne’s history? Chantal “would put her like Rougerie in the top five”, an opinion shared by her husband Jean-Paul. Christian, too, sees him among the first, “a little farther from Brooke James or Morgan Barra.” For Lucas, he is one of the “10 strongest players Claremont saw when he was playing at his best”.


But the indelible mark that Wesley Fofana left in Claremont has not yet written its last lines. Admittedly, the player will be leaving, but the legacy he left at Auvergne, which he joined 15 years ago, still lives on for good years. From Vahaamahina, who lived an “important year on arrival” alongside Fofana, in Iturria, a first-row spectator of the exploits of the new retiree. “I had some unforgettable moments with him, especially my first matches in the European Cup where he crossed the field. He is a player I have always seen on TV and I love to play with him”, concluded the second line, who landed in Auvergne at the age of only eighteen.

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From making his hopeful debut in 2008 at the age of 20, to two French champions titles, Fofana is “one of the youngsters who knew how to take his chance” in Clermont, assures Famahina. A path shown to the younger generation, which has inspired and shaped it for many years. “I hope the club will do a little something for him in the first game at home (September 10 against La Rochelle, editor’s note), for the player who only played with us,” hopes Lucas, ASM shirt at the back. To celebrate a career of ups and downs, and especially the exploits, of the player who marked the Auvergne club.

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